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December 26, 2016 (No Comments) by Annabel Hynes
Handsome unshaven man looking into the mirror in bathroom

There can often be undue pressure placed on women for personal maintenance, which we have discussed in previous posts on Unrealistic Beauty Standards, but contrary to popular belief, there are some universal ground rules for looking acceptable in society for men too. Hygiene It’s the most basic requirement imaginable, and yet it escapes so many people; showering regularly and thoroughly. It cannot be underestimated in terms of making an impression. It is healthier for your hair and skin to do so every second day, or three times a week at the bare minimum. Showering too much can disrupt your skin’s moisture balance and leave your hair weak and dry. Brushing […]

December 23, 2016 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser
Binge at christmas

The Christmas period, or commonly known to those of us who enjoy binging on whatever food is available at your own home, your grandmother’s home or any of the neighbours’ homes as the ‘silly season’, is notorious for exactly that; binging. Now, We’re not talking about binging in the way that you used to binge drink as a 15/16 year old. Sitting out in a cold local park all wrapped up but still slowly getting frostbite but thinking it’s worth it because someone has nicked a few cans or bottles from their house, or then again, maybe you didn’t do that. Neither did any of us! In this case binging […]

December 21, 2016 (No Comments) by Annabel Hynes

There’s a lot of reasons to want to get frisky, but did you know there are some legitimately helpful ways sex can improve your health? As if sex wasn’t great enough on its own now we’re happy to share 10 brilliant reasons you should be keeping your sex life alive. Lowers stress Sex triggers the release of endorphins into your bloodstream, helping to reduce stress and increase positive attributes such as self-esteem. Research has shown that those who have sex frequently were more likely to have reduced feelings of anxiety, particularly in cases of public speaking. Exercise Sexual activity boosts your heart rate, burns calories and strengthens muscles, and is […]

December 21, 2016 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser
5 Ways To Eat Better Over Christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration and enjoyment. Excessive eating and the consumption of high calorie food can be hard to resist this time of the year. Often people don’t watch what they eat during Christmas and end up regretting it in January. If you want to avoid hefty weight gain this Christmas, follow these five simple steps to ensure you that won’t find yourself binging this festive season. Plan Your Food Start organising what food you need to buy and write it down. Then draw up a plan to encourage you to eat well during the holidays. Planning ahead on what you will consume is a clever way to […]

December 20, 2016 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser

For some reason, the mistletoe, twinkling lights and smell of Santa’s B.O. really gets a lot of people going. There seems to be evidence that the holiday season – and Christmas time in particular – are hair triggers for partners that are looking to have an affair, or are perhaps those who are simply in unhappy relationships. Why is this? Office Parties With Christmas comes a plethora of work parties, otherwise known as several hours spent clutching the same glass of wine while someone from accounting tells you intrinsic details of their cat’s surgery. For most people it’s an obligation that ensures the boss doesn’t side-eye you through January, and […]

December 20, 2016 (No Comments) by Annabel Hynes
Tablet pc, smartphone and smartwatch with gifts and decorations in front of Christmas tree. Focus on smartphone.

Tech geek? Still not sure what you want for Christmas off your parents, partner, godparents, grandparents? No need to panic. We’ve got your back. Have a look at part 2 of  what we think are some of the best gadgets available this Christmas. (Check Top Gadgets For This Christmas – Part 1 right here for even more suggestions) Kaiser Baas Alpha Drone+ The drone is becoming an ever more popular gadget because of the high quality and high fun nature with which you can make videos. This particular model is at the lower end of scale and is aimed at those of us who just enjoy having a bit of […]

December 19, 2016 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser

While currently looking at the computer through cloudy eyes with a blocked nose, sore throat and pleghm-filled mouth, I sadly have to type the words that man-flu is simply make believe. Some studies have suggested it is testosterone related meaning that all minor ailments such as colds and flus are far more insufferable by men. A reduced immune system due to testosterone allows minor ailments to hit us harder than the fairer sex. However, there is one massive factor that sets us aside from women and drives us to ensure everyone thinks that we are in a world of pain: machoism. There is nothing worse for a 6’4 100kg muscle […]

December 16, 2016 (No Comments) by Aidan Clarke

Let’s call a spade what it is here, if there was an effective formula for online dating there would probably be no single people; none, a whole cohort of people extinct. Writers of books, articles, songs, poems, television shows about the woes and delights of the heart would be unemployed. A multi-billion-dollar enterprise and its treasure trove of personal information about 100’s of millions of people and those they employ, gone. The whole industry is designed specifically to play off the fears of the loveless and on the aspirations of the lovelorn. Where the end goal is hopeful happiness and a massive day out in a carefully chosen ‘House Hotel’ […]

December 7, 2016 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser

Social media is constantly abuzz with what’s new, what’s hot, and what can distract you for thirty seconds as you scroll down your timeline. In the past month alone there’s been the mannequin challenge, the grey sweatpants challenge, and torrential memes with everything from smug babies to sorrowful dogs in Halloween costumes. There have been legendary trends such as the much maligned Harlem Shake and ‘Damn Daniel’, as well as a legion of virulent activities that sprang from the platform Vine – soon to be shut down. Yes, as it turns out the laughs we received from ‘smack cams’ and the condom challenge were short-lived. Snapchat has become one of […]

December 5, 2016 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser
Does Christmas start too soon these days?

Christmas is a time of unabashed joy, comfort and togetherness, enjoyed with friends and family at home as the year draws to a close. Or at least, that is what the tagline is supposed to be. It can be difficult to channel your Christmas spirit when there are still pumpkins in shop windows and it’s not even particularly cold outdoors. Why does it sometimes feel like Christmas gets earlier every year, and does dragging it out make it more of a chore than a holiday? Christmas Creep This is a merchandising phenomenon that occurs in the so-called ‘golden quarter’, or the three months before the end of the year, October, […]

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