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Summer is in full swing now and even though we live in a country where the sun is not a regular visitor, a good pair of shades is a must. With so many different brands and styles to choose from most people will buy the first half decent pair they see. But is it worth looking around for a good pair or does it even matter at all when it comes to brands and styles? In this article we look at what you should be looking out for when you choose your next pair of shades. First and foremost when you are looking for the right sunglasses for you, an […]

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renting with strangers

With the rental market in Ireland and particularly in Dublin being what it is, the chances are that at some point you will have to rent a house with a person or people you don’t know. This can be a strange experience not least because it is natural to share your home with family or at least people you know. But such is life that this may not always be possible and in this article we look at how to make the best of this situation should it arise. One of the most important things to remember when renting a house with strangers is that everyone is different and has […]

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summer survival

It is that time of year when a lot of people are planning a break away from the daily grind of life. The weather in Ireland being what it is a lot of people will be looking to sunnier climates when they are booking their getaway. There is certainly no shortage of options for you when you look for your destination so whether it is a family getaway or a boozy lad’s holiday we will take a look at what you will need and have a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your holiday regardless of your destination. No matter where you wind up, as […]

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needy relationship

Remember that time your best friend got that insane girlfriend that he couldn’t be without if they were both off work/school/college? Remember how you felt about the fact that he was a complete non-entity in your life now and that he was a write off every time someone decided to plan a lad’s trip or night out? Of course you remember it, it’s like losing a limb. But there are a few easy ways to know when you’ve fallen into the same trap. One that can be almost impossible to escape from; the needy relationship. Go on a night out with the lads/girls and see how many times someone says […]

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male facial hair

As a 30 year old “man” who can’t yet grow a proper beard; this is admittedly a touchy subject for me. And the fact that beards have been an ongoing trend for a few years now has meant it hasn’t been an easy time for me. Seeing people strut around with beards that frankly they do not deserve makes me sad and angry at the same time. A distinguished beard is something that everyone wants at some time in their lives, well every man anyway, so the fact that it has so far eluded me is both unfair and a bit of a joke in all honesty. The question is […]

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new job advice

New jobs, we’ve all been there. It can be a daunting experience going into a new environment whether it’s a simple part time job to make a bit of money on your days off school or the big day you enter the real world of employment after finishing college. Here a few tips on what you should avoid doing in the first few days: Being Shy In the first few days of your new job, you have to avoid being reclusive. Some people have the kind of personality that stops them from making initial contact with some people but you have to cut that short. Something as simple as a […]

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male grooming

Looking good has taken a whole new twist for the boys. Out with the rugged and scraggly look that used to be the way to a girl’s heart or even just a girl’s bed and in with the manicured, pedicured, waxed, bronzed, gelled and flawless look that is now expected. Starting at the very top, the old school mop of hair is a thing of the past. Now, the very least expected is some form of ‘faded’ hairstyle absolutely coated in some kind of wax, gel or mousse. It must be to perfection quite literally meaning not a hair out of place lads. I suppose we can be grateful that […]

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Good Night's Sleep

As someone who is a bit of a night owl this is not a topic I usually give too much thought to. However even I must admit that there are times when a great night’s sleep is a must. There is just something nice about knowing that you can curl up like you did when you were a child and head cosily to the land of nod. There are often times though when the stresses of life mean relaxing and going to sleep are easier said than done. In this article I look at ways that you can leave the stresses of life behind at and give yourself a great […]

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They’ve finally cracked and sent you packing, it feels like the whole world is falling down around you because now you find yourself trying to ease your way back into the single life without being reminding of him/her by everything you see. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and this is no different. Being dumped has its positives and the options are there. THE REBOUND My favourite and possibly the best one of all. Go flying straight back into the single life with a good old rebound. It might be someone that was sniffing around your relationship sensing doom before you were, it might be an ex who […]

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things to do in ireland this summer

We may have already missed the boat as far as ideal conditions are concerned for this one but a visit to the Cliffs of Moher is a must for every Irish person or Harry Potter fan. If you are close to West Clare and have never been, then it’s got to be moved up your bucket list. The breath-taking views accompanied by the sheer thrill of watching the water crash against the rocks is something that no photo can capture. As for the Harry Potter reference, the cliffs were used in the sixth movie where Harry and Dumbledore head to find the horcrux in a cave. One for the sports […]

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