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December 9, 2015 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser
June 17, 2017 (No Comments) by Ryan Corry

We all love Summer and we love it even more when we can get a few days off to enjoy ourselves for that brief little stint of sunshine that we get, if we’re lucky. And what better way to do it than spending the evening kicked back in a nice beer garden with some friends. If that’s your idea of a good evening, then here are some of the best beer gardens around. Dicey’s (Dublin) A very popular spot among students and young office workers for their cheap drink offers, Diceys Garden is one of the liveliest haunts in Dublin. With the option of group BBQs and outdoor parties, it’s […]

February 12, 2017 (No Comments) by Andy Leech

I must admit, I desperately tried to avoid being this guy. I really did. I know what you’re all thinking. This is just another review from another arsehole who likes to let everyone know that he drinks Craft Beer. I swear this happened by accident. Please believe me. I stumbled upon The Brew Dock one cold Tuesday evening, as my girlfriend and I were early for a bus and had some time to kill. We weren’t in the mood to hang around Bus Áras so we decided to try out what we thought was an “old fella’s pub”, for the warmth more than anything. Boy were we surprised. “The Brew Dock”, […]

December 18, 2016 (No Comments) by Geoff Dorrity

Rating What makes a good music venue these days? A dynamic atmosphere, quality DJ’s, sound staff, cheap booze and perhaps most importantly a place that doesn’t require you to show up at the door in any sort of made-to-measure elegant attire. Well if you’re looking for a taste of all of the above, most people will tell you that you are bang out of luck and are asking too much of one venue, given the variety of clubs and bars that Dublin has to offer for differing desires. With the Workman’s Club however, there are a touch of all these qualities and more, there is a feeling of familiarity that […]

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