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So just why did the so called “Big teams” fail this year in the Premiership? Well, apart from the fact that underdogs Leicester City have outplayed almost every side they’ve come up against. Leicester have also played with their heart and soul, treated every game as if it was a final. They have showed us that money isn’t everything, that through hard-work and utter passion, anything is achievable. Also put Tottenham into this category as well. This differs them from the top 4 or 5 in the league who seem to play with no passion and could care less about achieving anything, taking everything for granted. So we will be […]

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How often would you go to a League of Ireland match? The majority of Irish football fans would rarely go and see their own clubs play on a Friday night. They would sooner sit at home and watch English football on sky sports. And they’d be right too. Irish football over the years has deteriorated. Match attendances have dropped, less money is being invested into the league . The Fai’s main focus is on the national team rather than their own league. This is the just one of the problems surrounding Irish football. I remember growing up, 2007, going to almost every home game for Drogheda United( the year they […]

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In what is without doubt the most unpredictable season in living memory. Everything, from the title, to relegation, to a place in the top four is still up for grabs. And if this season keeps going the way it has been since August then the only sure thing is that we have plenty more surprises yet to come. Leicester’s rise means that it is looking increasingly likely that one of the so called big clubs will miss out on a top four finish. At the start of the season no one could have seen Leicester finishing in the top four and in doing so denying one of the big clubs […]

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