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Who'll The Premier League Breakout Superstar This Year?

Last year, nobody would have tipped early on that Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez would be the stars of the campaign but I think we’ll be going back to the norm this year with the big spending mega rich clubs heading back to the top of the pile and Leicester sliding back down to mid table obscurity. Hopefully they can hold their own and even shake up the Champions League a little bit now that they know who they will be playing and got a nice little group. However, I’m going to go away from Leicester with my tip for who I think will be the big dog of the […]

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champions league

It’s no secret that the big clubs in England have failed to perform in the Champions League in recent years. After much talk of England losing out on a top four spot, we ask ourselves what do the big clubs need to do to compete in the champions league this year? For all the million upon millions that’s been spent amongst English clubs they just can’t seem to perform when put up against Europe’s elite. Why is this? Well there’s numerous reasons, a lot come with finances. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who you sign or how much you spend on a team, without investing in […]

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deadline day

What a summer of Premier League spending it has been, the records have been completely unhinged with the window totalling a staggering £1.16bn. Each of the 20 BPL teams averaged a spend of around £60m with both sides of Manchester throwing caution to the wind and laying down over £150m each. With all that money, many would expect one of the most interesting and highly competitive seasons that English football has ever seen. We have seen the top guns arrive like the most expensive footballer in the world Paul Pogba, Belgium striker Michy Batshuayi, new City winger Leroy Sané and the Swiss stronghold who has been dubbed as a “young […]

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The League of Ireland needs a lot of work and a lot of luck if it wants to get up to the level of some of the other leagues in countries of similar stature to Ireland. There are a couple of little tweaks that need to be made and one big stroke of luck that they might get soon. The first big change needs to be at ground level. There are too many of the top clubs in the League of Ireland that are so uncompetitive that players will stay with local clubs until they are ready to go and play u19 in the League of Ireland. The top league […]

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Is Darts Really A Sport

It’s hard not to love the carnival atmosphere that surrounds the big Darts competitions but in this era, there is nothing that goes unscrutinised by the neigh-sayers. A lot would tell you that Darts isn’t a ‘real sport’ just because you might have a few larger sized gentlemen on stage throwing a little dart at a board over and over. Collins’ English Dictionary defines sport as ‘an individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, often involving the testing of physical capabilities and taking the form of a competitive game such as football, tennis… etc’. The key elements of that definition being the first eleven words, in particular the […]

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Learn The Basics About Supplements

What are supplements? Many people have different idea as to what the word “supplement” stands for.” A supplement is something added to complete a thing or enhance it”. First of all , they are not steroids, or illegal in any way which I’ve heard some people call it, which is complete nonsense. Supplements are to benefit people who workout and train. For those who go to the gym, or run, or do any physical activity. They come in many forms such as powder form called whey or mass, or in tablet form which is for fat burning purposes. Nutritional Supplements Nutritional supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition […]

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croke park

If you pick up a newspaper these days and turn to the back page chances are you will see some reference to player welfare, the demands put on the modern inter-county player or how difficult it is for smaller counties to remain competitive in the G.A.A. These are pressing issues for the G.A.A. and every week it seems like there is a different solution. The inter-county scene has changed a lot over the past 10 years, the introduction of a more professional attitude coupled with increased use of tactics means players are required to spend an awful lot more time on the training ground nowadays than they were in the […]

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FAI Top 5 Prospects For The Republic Of Ireland In 2016

A productive, but not excellent, EURO 2016 is behind us and all roads lead to Russia for the 2018 World Cup. It’s almost inevitable that the core of the Irish team for the last 10 years is about to be ripped apart with retirements. As the news breaks on the confirmed departure of Shay Given and both John O’Shea and Robbie Keane looking destined to exit international football sooner rather than later. But all hope is not lost because Ireland do have a couple of tricks up there sleeve. Here are some of the players I think can make their mark on this qualifying campaign. Harry Arter (Bournemouth) The central midfielder is just […]

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glenn whelan

For years now Glenn Whelan has been a mainstay in the Irish team. Both Giovanni Trappatoni and Martin O ‘Neill have trusted Whelan to anchor their midfield. It’s fair to say that Whelan has not always been a fan favourite with many questioning what he brings to the team and if his perceived conservative play is hindering the national side. Whelan has often been the go to man for criticism after defeats, with the media and fans questioning his talent and effectiveness in a vital position on the field. For a man often maligned he is picked often for the national side and has been playing in the Premier League […]

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“Rugby is a thug’s game played by gentleman while soccer is a gentleman’s game played by thugs.” A common phrase uttered when comparing the two sports, mostly by the pro-rugby troupe when you consider the ideology being expressed. But aside from the on field matters, let’s take a look and what many consider to be the heart and soul of any sport. It’s not the multi-millionaire stars, it’s not the sponsors and it’s certainly not the owners and bigwig board members. The fans.. Soccer fans in Ireland, even without the absence of a major league (that’s an issue for another day), will follow teams religiously from August to May every […]

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