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10 Things That Every Student Will Experience On A J1

By Ryan Grace July 26, 2017 (No)
Every year, over 8,000 Irish students take the trip of a lifetime that is a J1 to the US. It’s an opportunity to travel across the world, meet new people, experience American culture, and above all; make your summer an unforgettable experience. By now you’ll have seen countless articles online listing all the things you need to know before you board your flight; unlocking your phone, opening a US bank account, applying for your tax return etc etc. However there are plenty of other (and frankly more important) things to consider before you hit the road. Here are 10 things that every student will experience on a J1! The Emotional […]

Do Students Have a Bad Reputation When It Comes to Alcohol?

By theSharpeUser December 27, 2016 (No)
Although alcohol consumption usually begins before students arrive at college, pressure to misuse alcohol is often intensified when students start third level education. With college comes a new sense of freedom, a lack of parental intervention and a whole host of fresh faces. This new-found sense of freedom can dramatically increase alcohol consumption because students are independent with unlimited freedom of choice. They no longer have to creep into their homes intoxicated, trying not to make noise or wake Mammy and Daddy at 3am. Drink is everywhere! The vast majority of socialising during the student years revolves around alcohol. Whether it be a mid-week catch up in the college bar […]

Irish Boozing – The Worst Generation Yet?

By theSharpeUser November 22, 2016 (No)
Ireland has a very strange relationship with the drink. Have you ever seen the portrayal of the Irish in any foreign production that hasn’t involved pure alcoholism? Two of our most famous exports are Jameson whiskey and Guinness stout which doesn’t help the stereotyping. The Simpsons is a prime example of how the Irish are viewed around the world when it comes to alcohol. But have we gone too far? Is the latest generation the most reckless yet? In short, the answer is no however there are some interesting reasons why. Many would argue this and of course they are well within their right to. However, there are a number of […]

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