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The Future Premier League Stars Who Are Shining Already

By Ryan Corry December 13, 2017 (No)
It’s coming up to Christmas time meaning that there is going to be all sorts of comparisons made with years gone by and how Man City are doing compared to Chelsea last year and who got better Christmas presents and all manner of other useless statistics. Here at The Sharpe, we prefer to stay in the now and keep emphasis on the talent. So, we’ve decided to compile the best team of players u23(ish) so far in this Premier League season. Yes, I did say u23(ish) and that is with good reason. No regular goalkeeper u23 has featured in any team yet this season except Jordan Pickford so I’ve left […]

The Premier League Flop Team of The Year

By Ryan Corry March 3, 2017 (No)
For every single Ibrahimović, Kanté or Gabriel Jesus that gets brought into the Premier League, you’ll also find 4 or 5 Eric Djemba-Djembas or Djimi Traores. The most infamous of all was Ali Dia who blagged his way into the Southampton squad in the ‘90s but nobody here is quite on that level. Here are our top 11 underperformers in the Premier League so far this season. Goalkeeper – Liverpool Before I proceed, yes I will be choosing just one player for every position but when it comes to the Liverpool goalkeeping conundrum, like Jurgen Klopp, I just couldn’t decide who was worse. It’s not often that sections of fans […]

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