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The Master’s Guide to 12 Pubs of Christmas

By Dean Fitzgerald December 16, 2017 (No)
The 12 pubs of Christmas is a fairly recent phenomenon in Ireland, but has been established as a regular part of Christmas culture since it began. It’s a great way to bond with friends, colleagues, and teammates, especially given that at the end of the night, at least one person will inevitably be spewing like burst pipe. The thing about 12 pubs is because we expect that outcome, it’s seems less shameful when it happens. The main rule is simple: 12 pubs, 1 pint in each pub, all in one night. But there are plenty of ways to spice up your evening with whoever you choose to journey with. Follow […]

The Craziest Drinking Games to Play on St. Patrick’s Day

By Annabel Hynes March 17, 2017 (No)
There’s no end to the kinds of shenanigans that can go down on St. Patrick’s Day, especially if you’re Irish – or worse, an American with Irish heritage that feels the need to live up to a stereotype. One of the greatest joys of this once-religious holiday is drinking copious quantities of alcohol without judgement, in celebration of our country’s patron saint; and as everyone knows, simply drinking is not enough. It has to get weird. Check out some of the most innovative and plain ridiculous drinking games from around the world below, many of which can be customised for St. Patrick’s. (This doesn’t include dyeing everything green). Irish Poker […]

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