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The Best Places to Check out in Dublin on New Years Eve

By Zuzanna Piasek December 23, 2017 (No)
After the Christmas festivities and the stress of never ending shopping trips, we all want to kick back when it comes to New Years. Luckily, there are lots of events happening in Dublin that will appeal to just about everybody looking to get out and enjoy the last bit of 2017. Whether you want to go out with the family, enjoy an outdoor firework show or head out with the lads one last time before the New Year comes, we’ve got you covered. With that, lets take a look at the best places to check out in Dublin on New Years Eve. 1. New Years Festival Dublin – Custom House […]

The Best Ways To Spend New Years

By theSharpeUser December 30, 2016 (One)
Another year ends, and a new year finally begins. Generally people celebrate the coming of the New Year by going out to crowded clubs and parties where you have very little space to dance or even breathe. Bored of the same old celebrations? Try something a little different this year. Many people have different ways of celebrating New Years around the world. Here are a few alternative ideas for celebrating the New Year. Remembering The Year’s Events Why not spend the last moments of 2016 by recalling all that has happened in the past year with all your friends and family? In Mexico, it is common for people to end […]

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