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Has The Mourinho Hype Train Finally Derailed?

By Evan Coughlan February 21, 2018 (No)
After Manchester United’s defeat to Newcastle, in there last Premier League outing, José Mourinho looked fed up. In fact, ever since taking the reins at Manchester United in 2016 José’s seemed fatigued by the day to day scrutiny of being a Premier League manager. So, is the hype train that started chugging along at speed, all those years ago, about to derail? Well, to find out, we really must go back to where it all began for José. A Whirlwind Arrival On March 9th 2004, Porto scored a last minute equaliser against Manchester United knocking them out of the last 16 of the Champions League. Football fans still fondly remember […]

Which Premier League Side Will Go Furthest in the 2017-18 Champions League?

By Evan Coughlan December 5, 2017 (No)
About eight years ago, English teams were the belle of the ball in the Champions League. For a five year period an English team featured in every Champions League final, and semi-finals were regularly contested between English sides. However, in the last few years that dominance has somewhat deserted English teams, with the only English side reaching the quarter finals last season being Leicester City. This year however, the English sides have been on somewhat of a roll in Europe’s elite competition with dominant performances from the likes of Man City and Tottenham impressing fans, and making pundits sit up and take note. Working off the assumption that all five […]

Wayne Rooney – Should He Stay Or Go?

By Dean Fitzgerald March 27, 2017 (No)
The classic lyrics from The Clash must be running through Wayne Rooney’s mind all this season. Let’s not forget, this man is going to be a legend of Manchester United, winning everything that is there to be won for the club, and breaking Bobby Charlton’s goal-scoring record in the process. He has been a leader for United for years, and yet at the ripe old age of 31, Rooney has been consistently linked with moves away to China, the US, and just about every other place players go to watch their careers die. When Wayne gets a chance to sit back and think long and hard about where he is […]

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