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Coolest Men’s Fashion Collections Coming in Spring 2018

By Niamh Murray February 13, 2018 (No)
Today’s fashion industry is fast phased. Sometimes keeping up with trends each season can be difficult for guys. Here we will be discussing the key trends and style that Designers had to offer on the catwalk for Spring 2018. We will also be giving out some insights and letting lads know where they can find inspiration to pull off the looks, by including fashion on the High Street at a fraction of the price. The Pinstripe Suit The classic and powerful pinstripe suit has made it’s comeback this season. The Designer ‘Versace’ is one of the biggest lovers of this dominant yet simple black and white design for the upcoming […]

Will The Beard Stay In Fashion In 2018

By Stephen Kierans January 14, 2018 (No)
Growing a beard has strangely become a worldwide “trend” within the past five years. For something that is so easily obtained and literally grows on us, we are treating it like it is a new toy we have all gotten and want to showcase it to almost everyone. We’ve been questioning if the end is coming for 2 years now at The Sharpe (Will 2016 See The End Of The Beard? & Is 2017 Really The End Of The Beard?) so will 2018 be any different? The Beginning It is not a coincidence that this all started around the same time as the whole hipster trend was beginning. These intertwine perfectly […]

Affordable Festive Fashion For Men

By Olivia Virlan December 4, 2017 (No)
If you’re a man looking for a Christmas jumper for your office Christmas party, a mam looking to buy her darling son a Christmas present, or a girlfriend looking to buy your fella a stocking filler, then look no further. You’ll find loads of cracking Christmas clobber ideas right here. Jack Wills What is a winter outfit without the staple jumper piece, and if you’re in the market for a jumper, Jack Wills is a great shout. To quote Zoolander, Jack Wills is so hot right now! Plus their clothing is very comfortable and guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the winter months. Shop here. Boohoo.com The new Boohoo Tyga collection is a great […]

The Best Places for Guys to Get Cleaned up in Dublin

By Evan Coughlan November 30, 2017 (No)
In the past decade or so male grooming has become a normal part of society, no longer are men who enjoy a bit of waxing or manscaping sniggered at by others. In fact, most lads have become interested in the services provided by grooming establishments and are eager to dip there toe into the world of men’s grooming. So what exactly is on offer from these fine establishments and which are the best ones to go to in Dublin? Well wonder no more because here at The Sharpe we are going to take you through the six best places to go get cleaned up in Dublin. The Grooming Rooms What […]

Fashion Essentials For Irish Lads This Autumn / Winter Season

By Olivia Virlan October 21, 2017 (No)
A/W fashion has just begun and to say that I’m excited for the next few months would be an understatement. The time in which we don’t necessarily throw away our summer t-shirts, but more so layer on top of them, to keep warm, is a great season for all. Neutral tones and longline fashion is what Autumn/Winter 2017 is all about. Cozy, Colourful and Comfortable Autumn fashion summed up in three words. Who doesn’t love looking nice while being incredibly comfortable and warm. Wherever you’re going and whatever the event, you’ll be sure to turn heads if you keep those three words in mind. Olive green and mustard yellow are […]

7 Men Worthy Of Your Man-Crush

By Ryan Corry May 2, 2017 (No)
If you’re willing to admit it or not, every man has a man or men they admire or aspire to be more like. Whether it’s because of their effortless coolness or their ability to be brilliant at almost anything they turn their hand to, these men are very suited to most “women want them and men want to be them” lists. So in case you can’t decide on the guy that deserves your male admiration the most, we decided to supply you with 7 worthy options. Feel free to fill your mind with rampant jealousy as you read about their fame and riches. We like to think of it as […]

The Worst Men’s Winter Fashion Fails – How to Avoid!

By Annabel Hynes February 6, 2017 (No)
Fashion is a tough nut to crack, especially if it’s not within the bounds of your admittedly limited attention span. For men and women, fashion can be a blessing or a curse. It is fun to pick and choose your own style, but make one wrong move and you go from cute and kooky to that weird guy who sits on a park bench and scares the pigeons. So what were the monumental catwalk messes of this season and the last, and how does a regular Joe avoid making the same mistakes? Currently Failing While we can all agree layering is a time-honoured, genderless and comfortable tradition, which works on […]

Man Guide – The Absolute Basics of Looking after Yourself

By Annabel Hynes December 26, 2016 (No)
There can often be undue pressure placed on women for personal maintenance, which we have discussed in previous posts on Unrealistic Beauty Standards, but contrary to popular belief, there are some universal ground rules for looking acceptable in society for men too. Hygiene It’s the most basic requirement imaginable, and yet it escapes so many people; showering regularly and thoroughly. It cannot be underestimated in terms of making an impression. It is healthier for your hair and skin to do so every second day, or three times a week at the bare minimum. Showering too much can disrupt your skin’s moisture balance and leave your hair weak and dry. Brushing […]

3 Must-Have Items for Every Man This Winter

By theSharpeUser November 4, 2016 (No)
Moisturiser: No7 Men Energising Moisturiser The winter months are long and hard, especially for the college student or working man who’s constantly on the go. This effective formula, SPF 15 which contains Vitamin C, will give your skin the daily boost it needs to face the trials of the day. Antioxidants will maintain your skin’s natural defences and rejuvenate your complexion to make you look and feel refreshed. Use morning and night, spreading evenly across your face and neck. Pay attention to drier areas to maximise the impact of the product, and leave your skin looking even and healthy. Buy it now in Boots at €11.25: http://www.boots.ie/en/No7-Men-Energising-Moisturiser_1259525/   Boots: Men’s […]

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