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The Best Date Nights Dublin’s Got To Offer This Christmas

By Evan Coughlan December 18, 2017 (No)
Struggling to think of somewhere to bring your other half this holiday season?  Yeah, the 12 pubs with a big group of friends is a great night out, but it’s not really the most romantic thing you could do together. How about dinner with the in-laws? No, you definitely don’t want to make a date night out of that! Forget about all that; the guys at The Sharpe have put a list together of the best date nights Dublin has to offer, this holiday season. Après Dublin Now, if you want to bring your date somewhere a bit more traditional with food and market stalls galore, then Après Dublin is the place for […]

We Need To Talk About ‘Ghosting’

By Dean Fitzgerald November 15, 2017 (No)
Long gone are the days of courting a person you fancy for weeks on end, trying desperately to convince them to go out with you. Nowadays, people simply need to download an app, swipe right a few times, and bang! Conversations begin and romance blossoms. Or, maybe a few unsolicited naked photos, whatever takes your fancy. Ease Of Communication With the incredible ease of communication between potential partners also comes the ease of ending those communications. Many young people have experienced it: You’re talking to this person on an app or online, things are going swimmingly. Then suddenly, the messages stop. They leave you on ‘seen’, the ultimate insult. You’re blind […]

How To Know When Your Partner’s Not Interested Anymore

By Dean Fitzgerald July 31, 2017 (No)
The crushing blow of knowing that someone who you care about and have strong feelings for (maybe even love), doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore is a real slap in the face. It begins with a suspicion which slowly but surely festers into paranoia, and a sense that everything you do is off-putting or annoying to them. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but when you sense that your partner has lost interest in you and your relationship, the signs begin to reveal themselves gradually. Without a doubt, there are some tell-tale red flags that may be lost in their subtlety. If you see these signs, then […]

4 Simple Ways To Meet Women

By Ryan Corry June 26, 2017 (No)
We all know how hard it can be to go out on the pull with no groundwork done. Some of us prefer to have a bit of contact through social media and maybe try and act on it, here’s some of the best ways to meet girls in Ireland. Tinder It might sound like a last resort option however it doesn’t have to be used as a dating site to meet random girls and hook up, but don’t knock that idea either. You can try using it with a low distance setting so you’re getting a lot of girls you may know already. Maybe you have your eye on one […]

5 Worst Things to Hear on a First Date

By theSharpeUser November 15, 2016 (No)
Living in Ireland, the closest you get to a first date most of the time is a drunken shift inside or outside a nightclub late on a Saturday night. With any bit of luck, someone will have enough of their wits about them to realise if the scene is a bit too much from the outside looking in. Other than that, maybe a trip to the cinema or something else not too formal seems to be the norm. But we are getting slightly better at dating thanks to the web and Tinder. Here are five things that the lads hate hearing on those first dates: Anything at all related to […]

Six Things Women Hate Men Doing on Dates

By theSharpeUser November 3, 2016 (No)
If you want there to be more dates, then it is advisable you avoid committing the following date crimes: Checking your phone If you are out on a date, whether it be in a restaurant or a park, keep your phone usage to a minimum. There is nothing more disheartening than thinking that you are less important than your date’s phone and who else they’re talking to. A date is about spending time with your significant other, so you should give them your undivided attention and actually engage in conversation. A phone screen should not take precedence over the woman you care for, unless it is essential. Talking about yourself […]

What to do when Tinder isn’t working?

By theSharpeUser June 4, 2016 (No)
With the arrival of Tinder, many thought that God had answered their prayers. Women thought that the man of their dreams was now only a click away; men thought unlimited casual sex was only a click away. Enough time has now passed and the dust has now settled so we can say that while Tinder is certainly a great help to many people on the dating front, it is not the answer for everyone. So what do you do when Tinder isn’t the Holy Grail you thought it was? Where will you meet the love of your life if not on your phone screen? Here we take a look at […]

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