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5 Sports Stars You Should Be Following On Social Media: Part 1

By Evan Coughlan January 29, 2018 (No)
With over 2 billion active Facebook users, the social media site created by Jesse Eisenberg Mark Zuckerberg, has become the place where an entire generation of people get their news and keep up to date with their favourite celebrities and sports stars. Every sports star has a Facebook page nowadays, unfortunately very much like Twitter, some sport stars only use their Facebook page to shill their latest merchandise. Well this list is going to steer you slightly away from that, as we here at The Sharpe tell you about the top 5 sports stars you should start following on Facebook. 1. Marcel Desailly A bit out of left field to […]

Roger Federer – Is There Anything Left to Prove?

By Andy Leech March 25, 2017 (No)
Stan Wawrinka was choking back the tears as he offered his opinion on Roger Federer. At the age of thirty-five, the Swiss had just beaten him to secure the Indian Wells title. He’s the oldest player to ever win the tournament. Yet another record attached to the name of one of the greatest of all time. “He’s laughing, he’s an asshole but it’s OK.” As Stan Wawrinka jokingly delivered this line, it was hard not to feel a genuine pity towards him. While he has enjoyed success on the court that many of his peers would be jealous of, particularly later in his career, I’m sure he looks at his […]

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