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7 Snapchat Hacks That Will Make Your Story Stand Out

By Zuzanna Piasek January 6, 2018 (No)
Over the past few years, Snapchat has become one of the most common apps that you’ll find on a modern day smartphone. There’s no doubting that the image and multimedia messaging app is packed full of awesome features. Even though many of us use Snapchat every day, there are lots of cool things you probably haven’t discovered yet. If you’re wondering how your Snapchat friends have gotten so damn creative, well wonder no more, because we’re here to teach you how to become a filter master with very little effort. These Snapchat hacks are going to have your story totting up the views in no time! 1. Apply 3 Filters […]

Expectations Versus Reality of an Irish Freshers’ Week

By Olivia Virlan October 2, 2017 (No)
Ah yes, the most awaited week of the year for any college student, old and new. The week in which we all get absolutely hammered, despite the overwhelming amount of work thrown at us. For people starting out college, freshers’ week is seen as a magical time. A stage where in which one can completely forget about the agonising leaving cert they just sat and begin their college life. However, expectations are ALWAYS set quite high and I am not here to disappoint you, but to warn you that freshers’ week is not one big TGIF music video by Katy Perry. The Disappointing First Day From growing up, we all […]

If You Didn’t Snap It, Did it even Happen?

By theSharpeUser November 16, 2016 (No)
Thanks to the omnipresence of social media, some people cannot distance themselves from their phone and refrain from documenting every minute detail of their lives. We have immersed ourselves in this “snap or it didn’t happen” culture. This trend has been further exacerbated by apps such as Instagram and Snapchat which revolve around photo sharing. Some people thrive on ascertaining how other people live their lives, unaware and uncaring whether or not they are delving a little too deep. Living In The Moment Sometimes people forget to simply live in the moment instead of living it through a lens or phone screen. There’s nothing quite as deflating as seeing concert […]

The Most Bizarre Accounts Snapchat has to Offer

By theSharpeUser July 23, 2016 (No)
Snapchat has some strange accounts to follow, you have your celebrity figures who will post everything ranging from the ordinary to the downright insane. Here’s a couple of my favourites and even one or two that you should be avoiding at all costs!! Rickie Fowler – @rickiefowler15 The pro golfer hit the big time over the spring months this year when he took a Spring Break holiday with fellow PGA Tour golfers Smylie Kaufman, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. The antics of the four young golfers letting loose and putting their hard earned tour money to good use hit the mainstream media as their fun drew envy while at the […]

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