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World Cup Qualifier Preview: Ireland v Serbia

By Evan Coughlan September 3, 2017 (No)
Despite drawing 1-1 against Georgia, Ireland still find themselves in with a chance of winning the group, however a play-off place does seem a lot more likely. Currently in second place, two points behind group leaders Serbia and two ahead of the group’s top seed, Wales, the Boys in Green have just three games left to secure their place in Russia next summer. Can Ireland do it? Well, here’s how we think Ireland’s tell-all game against Serbia will play out. Georgia v Ireland The less said about this game, the better to be honest. I mean, Ireland were on the back foot as soon as Shane Duffy’s header bulged the net and, […]

How Would An All Irish Team Do In The Premiership – Part 1

By Ryan Corry July 20, 2017 (No)
There are great arguments in life and sport that make for some great debate. From the simple yet effective ‘my da would beat your da in a fight’ all the way to ‘Celtic would challenge for the Premier League title’. There are just some things that we are never going to know the answer to so I’ve decided to apply my thought process on one question that I can’t help but wonder about… How would an all Irish selection get on in the Premier League? Now I know it would be easier to say the Republic of Ireland team but I’m not Martin O’Neill so I’ll be making my own […]

Where have all the World Class Footballers Gone?

By theSharpeUser November 13, 2016 (No)
The simple answer, Spain. To find the very best players in the world, you simply have to look at the front three of the respective Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona. While Barcelona is built on skill and speed, Real Madrid is more focused on power and speed but equally as deadly all the same. What is World Class? That begs the question, what qualifies as World Class these days. Do you have to have more goals beside games in your stats? Do you need to be a solid 8/10 performer every single week? As you can imagine, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Here’s what I think […]

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