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Irish Boozing - If You Didn’t Drink, Did You Even Go Out?

Ireland has a very strange relationship with the drink. Have you ever seen the portrayal of the Irish in any foreign production that hasn’t involved pure alcoholism? Two of our most famous exports are Jameson whiskey and Guinness stout which doesn’t help the stereotyping. The Simpsons is a prime example of how the Irish are viewed around the world when it comes to alcohol. But have we gone too far? Is the latest generation the most reckless yet? In short, the answer is no however there are some interesting reasons why. Many would argue this and of course they are well within their right to. However, there are a number of […]

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workplace stress

The workplace can be a source of major frustration and discomfort for many people. Depending on the job, the types of stressors can vary – although it’s a good bet that the levels are roughly the same for everyone. Whether it’s a testy boss, long hours or minimum wage that’s getting to you, we’ve assembled a list of advisory points that may bring you some peace as you bring home the bacon. Take A Break This may seem like an obvious one, but nobody can deny its efficiency. Breaks and lunches are scheduled for most employees, but ensure you take advantage of the time – no matter if you’ve been […]

November 18, 2016 (No Comments) by Annabel Hynes

Juice Power Station 11200MAH – £29.95 Buy it here: Juice Power Station Christmas is a time for gifts, and in the modern age we live in, that means a great deal of shiny new iPads and smartphones being drained throughout Christmas Day. What a treat then, to have the Juice Power Station – a charging station that can power up to two devices at once. With its 2.4 amp charging port and 1 amp port, your tech will be ready to go in no time. This gadget is ideal for the person on-the-go, or for those pesky kids whose tablet just died while you were on the way to visit […]

November 17, 2016 (No Comments) by Annabel Hynes
healthy breakfast

Having a balanced breakfast can really help your health and energy levels as the day goes on. We’ve pulled together 5 possible options that you could try for yourself. Test them out and let us know which is your favourite one! Oatmeal porridge with milk, banana slices and a pinch of brown sugar, rye toast with low-fat butter and a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice The oats contain beta-glucan, a fibre that lowers cholesterol when eaten regularly. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and folate, great for brain activity. The milk is a source of calcium and Vitamin D, which strengthens bones and teeth. The banana is rich in potassium, […]

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If You Didn’t Snap It, Did it even Happen?

Thanks to the omnipresence of social media, some people cannot distance themselves from their phone and refrain from documenting every minute detail of their lives. We have immersed ourselves in this “snap or it didn’t happen” culture. This trend has been further exacerbated by apps such as Instagram and Snapchat which revolve around photo sharing. Some people thrive on ascertaining how other people live their lives, unaware and uncaring whether or not they are delving a little too deep. Living In The Moment Sometimes people forget to simply live in the moment instead of living it through a lens or phone screen. There’s nothing quite as deflating as seeing concert […]

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5 Worst Things to Hear on a First Date

Living in Ireland, the closest you get to a first date most of the time is a drunken shift inside or outside a nightclub late on a Saturday night. With any bit of luck, someone will have enough of their wits about them to realise if the scene is a bit too much from the outside looking in. Other than that, maybe a trip to the cinema or something else not too formal seems to be the norm. But we are getting slightly better at dating thanks to the web and Tinder. Here are five things that the lads hate hearing on those first dates: Anything at all related to […]

November 5, 2016 (No Comments) by Darren Bates

We’ve all experienced that feeling of emptiness you get when you come to the end of your favourite boxset after devoting weeks or even months of your life to it. Well, the guys at are here to help fill that void. Every month we’ll be recommending a couple of genre specific shows to help keep you entertained until you find your next ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Sopranos’ or ‘Game of Thrones’. Here are our suggestions for November: RICK AND MORTY What do you get when you take some Futurama, throw in a little bit of South Park and add a pinch of Back to the Future? Well, you get Rick […]

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winter check list for men

Moisturiser: No7 Men Energising Moisturiser The winter months are long and hard, especially for the college student or working man who’s constantly on the go. This effective formula, SPF 15 which contains Vitamin C, will give your skin the daily boost it needs to face the trials of the day. Antioxidants will maintain your skin’s natural defences and rejuvenate your complexion to make you look and feel refreshed. Use morning and night, spreading evenly across your face and neck. Pay attention to drier areas to maximise the impact of the product, and leave your skin looking even and healthy. Buy it now in Boots at €11.25:   Boots: Men’s […]

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things women hate men doing on dates

If you want there to be more dates, then it is advisable you avoid committing the following date crimes: Checking your phone If you are out on a date, whether it be in a restaurant or a park, keep your phone usage to a minimum. There is nothing more disheartening than thinking that you are less important than your date’s phone and who else they’re talking to. A date is about spending time with your significant other, so you should give them your undivided attention and actually engage in conversation. A phone screen should not take precedence over the woman you care for, unless it is essential. Talking about yourself […]

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Whether you’re a cinematic fanatic or one of those that people who sees one film a year, these titles should provide you with some fine entertainment. From documentary to animation and a little bit of thriller, here at we’ve got you covered. The critics have had their say on these titles and now it’s down to the toughest critics of all – the public. The first movie in is the long-awaited Trolls by Dreamworks: As animation goes about making its comeback, Trolls sees the voices of our favourite famous stars such as Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick and singer turned actor Justin Timberlake off on an unlikely adventure. Although Timberlake’s […]

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