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November 29, 2015 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser
February 23, 2019 (No Comments) by Zuzanna Piasek
Wellbeing events in ireland

There is always time to spend a little more time getting to know yourself better and allowing the mind to relax. We all know that loving yourself and growing as a person takes patience and time. If you have decided that this is the year where you would like to take a path towards something, some of these events may help you get off to a good start or perhaps help you figure out some bumps in the road. Claim this time to take care of yourself and your goals. So, start planning now as we list off some of the wellbeing events coming to you this 2019. Mindful Meditation […]

January 28, 2019 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser
Louth Things for families to do in Louth

County Louth is colloquially known as ‘the Wee County’ as it is Ireland’s smallest county and is named after the village of Louth. The history of Louth goes back a long time. But before people wrote down histories and dates, a famous Irish story is supposed to have happened in Louth. It’s called the Táin Bó Cúailge and I’m sure you’ve all heard it. In this story, a famous warrior called Cúchulainn fights a whole army by himself to protect a brown bull from being stolen. This county has a tonne of family-orientated things for you to do and that’s why today, we’ll be giving you a list of family activities in […]

January 25, 2019 (No Comments) by Tahlia Peppard
male bedrooms

There’s no point in calling yourself a man or an adult if your room still looks like a bomb hit it or resembles something of a student man cave. Once your grow up, you realise that being neat and not having your mother pick up after you becomes somewhat attractive to the opposite sex. However, for those of you that need some extra help, I am here today to discuss the key things a modern man should have in his bedroom. It’s time to throw out the ‘sexy-girl’ photos, the gaming posters and your superhero bed sheets (as much as I can appreciate them, I don’t think many women do). Mind improving […]

December 7, 2018 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser

If you are looking for a throwback to the early 2000’s then here is a list of the top ten movies from 2010 to 2015. Holidays are approaching fast which leaves plenty of room to expand your library of films. There is something in this list for everyone and perhaps something new you never knew you liked. So, give it a good scan before you make up your mind on which of these treasures you are going to watch over the coming weeks. Snuggle up with friends or family and grab a nice big bag of popcorn and let the movie begin. 1. Whiplash (2014) Whiplash scored an amazing score […]

December 2, 2018 (No Comments) by Alannah Kenny
phone size

In the past couple of years, we have seen phones change drastically. From touchscreen to face recognition and from Siri to having the phone actually make calls. The sizes of phones have also increased, and many have been worried that having a huge phone will be a inconvenience or like carrying a big brick around trying to make a call. Is that still the stigma we have around phones or has everyone suddenly decided to let that go as they stay buried in the newest technologies. Regardless of what the case may be, we are here to consider whether the size of a phone really matters and what’s the best […]

December 1, 2018 (No Comments) by Alannah Kenny
Cost of Building A House In Ireland

The housing crisis is such a topical issue right now with people marching to the Dáil only recently over extortionate rent prices, students having nowhere to go and whole families, including young children, being evicted and forced onto the streets like the middle ages. With the government seemingly holding back for now on providing more capital for the development of properties, we at The Sharpe decided to do a bit of digging into what it costs to build a house in Ireland and for individuals and couples fortunate enough to be looking into it for themselves, the implications that may affect them also. The Housing Crisis Since the Celtic Tiger […]

November 10, 2018 (No Comments) by Zuzanna Piasek

Although, sex can be exciting and passionate at the beginning of a relationship. The flame can diminish and quickly cause you to go into a boring ritual under the covers. Communication can be off and things might not be as exciting as one would like. So with that, we’ve taken a look at some of the things that men and women find most boring in bed. We’ve also got some tips and tricks to help spice up this area, so you can avoid the mistakes in the future. Lack of Visual Appeal Feeling comfortable in a relationship can be very important but slipping into something more sexy can make things […]

October 13, 2018 (No Comments) by Alannah Kenny

The words content creator may not be a new phenomenon. Online content creation however is reasonably modern and has spawned some of Ireland’s and the world’s top media influencers. You can be from any background and become an online hit by sharing your personality via any online platform. In saying that, content creators are prone to many challenges and face all kinds of criticisms for what they do. The reality is, it is now more than a trend but a craft finally coming to the fore. As a novice though, it’s pretty daunting right? You set up an account and look at that blank canvas with no idea where to […]

September 29, 2018 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser

Should Men Use Fake Tan? What a question and what a topic. As the world we live in today becomes more image orientated and superficial, it’s only natural to ask whether men could do more to make themselves look better; whether it’s shaving/waxing their legs or using fake tan. Now, in my opinion, I feel you’ve got to do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good and if wearing fake tan does that for you, then, wear it, regardless of your gender. However, I know that people think that men wearing fake tan isn’t masculine and something that only women should do. In this post I will dive […]

September 20, 2018 (No Comments) by Zuzanna Piasek

No need to get the blues as we leave behind one of the hottest summer’s Ireland has seen in years. You can divert your energy instead to getting the comfiest and trendiest outfits for this autumn in Dublin. Get ready for cosy nights in, Halloween happenings and the beautiful eye-catching colours of the leaves as they fall from the trees. All of this can be enjoyed to the fullest with a wide array of outfits. No need to worry about your wallet either as we check out  a host of options at Dublin’s best budget friendly outlets. TK MAXX This outlet sells affordable designer clothes and is full of deals […]

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