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November 29, 2015 (No Comments) by theSharpeUser
April 2, 2018 (No Comments) by Dean Fitzgerald
Delta Sensory Gardens

Often an underestimated and forgotten county, Carlow has ground away year after year in the south east of Ireland. It’s a place that fights to be known for more than the colourful GAA jerseys that The Barrowsiders wear. Not many people know about what Carlow holds, and the kinds of activities available to take part in around the county. Luckily for those of you interested (which since you’re reading you must be), Carlow has a few hidden gems for everyone to take in, especially for families. Here are a few examples of some of the very best Carlow as to offer. But first, we have some honourable mentions: Carlow County […]

March 30, 2018 (No Comments) by Tahlia Peppard
Toothpaste Oreo

As I’m sure most of you are aware, April Fool’s Day falls on Easter Sunday this year and the general consensus from most people is that it’s just plain ironic. So in case you’ve been living under a rock, I will briefly explain the idea of April Fool’s. It’s a day when people go around playing pranks on one another and the victim of the prank is known as the April Fools. Toothpaste Oreo For this first prank, you have to be super prepared and really sell what you’re offering. It’s really simple; buy a pack of Oreo’s and gentle open them up, without breaking them and scrape off the white […]

March 29, 2018 (No Comments) by Zuzanna Piasek

What better way to relax than by enjoying some top quality TV show as the Easter holidays roll in. You’re kicking back, loving the well earned time off and just waiting for a certain Bunny to drop off its Easter Eggs to munch on! So, if you are on the hunt for some new shows, we’ve got you covered with seven that you have to try out this Easter. There’s nothing wrong with a good quality binge if you’re on holidays, right? 1. Derry Girls Let’s start off with a classic that has been well talked about since it’s launch in January. Derry Girls is a sitcom, predominately with an […]

March 25, 2018 (No Comments) by Niamh Murray

Shopping and men? Two things that don’t go as well together as Kim and Kanye. It can be extremely daunting for some fashion struggling males out there trying to find your ‘style’ and what suits ‘you’. The men’s Fashion industry has expanded in the past couple of decades with the more modern men being interested in their fashion appearance. This also includes a greater selection and variety in High Street Stores and online retailers. In my opinion, with the goods so readily available nowadays, no man has an excuse to not dress fashionably. Shopping Plan Tips Don’t fret though, Niamh is here to be your fashion Fairy Godmother, giving tips […]

March 16, 2018 (No Comments) by Dean Fitzgerald

It’s the day everyone around the world celebrates being Irish, without seeing the irony of that situation whatsoever. People everywhere suddenly have a family tree at the ready to explain how a distant relative from eight generations ago was actually a friend of the cousin of a girl from Ireland, and that totally makes sense. They then shout ‘top o’ the morning to ya’ in an accent that Saturday Night Live would be proud of. All of this before skulling a rake of Guinness in your best oversized green hat. Sounds a bit mad doesn’t it. In the furore of St. Patrick’s Day, drink seems to have become the number […]

March 6, 2018 (No Comments) by Stephen Kierans

The term “man boobs” refers to excess fat stored in the chest area. It is a common fitness problem amongst many middle aged men who have chosen the sofa and pints in recent years over exercise and a healthy diet. The good news is this is easily fixable. I am going to give you three tips to banish those man boobs and turn them into gladiator pecs. The 100 Challenge The 100 challenge is a very easy home workout designed to build up strength in the chosen muscle group you train. In this instance, we will be doing push ups working on the chest muscles. The objective is to do […]

March 3, 2018 (No Comments) by Amy Meegan

Who’d have thought!? It’s the beginning of March, there’s a good foot of snow outside and the country has come to a stand-still as a result. Storm Emma and the Beast from the East have truly challenged the people of Ireland. The common challenge for us all will be the pressure this dramatic fall in temperature may have on our health. To keep our immune system in check we’re often advised to take a multi-vitamin, but did you know that many of the foods we cook with every day can possess immune-boosting properties? So, if your local chemist is closed, give some of these home remedies a try. Garlic The […]

March 1, 2018 (No Comments) by Alannah Kenny

Have you ever wondered how unsigned Irish artists can prosper in our current music industry against some big national and international labels? Well having encountered many a signed and unsigned Irish artist, we at The Sharpe have wondered the same. Therefore we decided to do some digging to find out the secret recipe… if one exists! Maybe you are an unsigned artist or know someone who is enduring these struggles. For those who want to break into the music scene independently, this is certainly do-able and it is actually becoming more of an occurrence thanks to a few helpful tools. Last October we checked out the thriving local music scene […]

February 25, 2018 (No Comments) by Olivia Virlan

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become the most sought after mobile app, reaching 500 million daily users. It’s known as one of the best platforms for celebrities and social influencers to engage with their fans and for ordinary people to share their favourite pics. We’ve all become too familiar with the insta-food pics, the “OOTD” (outfit of the day) pics and the dog pics which seem to flood our Instagram feeds, or maybe just mine. But given the sheer number of accounts, it’s hard to get away from the tedious posts, which is why I’ve done my research to find some of the best Irish Instagram accounts to follow. From […]

February 20, 2018 (No Comments) by Zuzanna Piasek

Whether you are a student or just starting out at a new job, life can get a little bit stressful for everyone now and then. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple ways of looking after your mental health in 2018. It is really important to treat yourself and in a world so fast paced, take a minute to slow down and take a deep breath. Reading Reading can be very relaxing, no matter what you read from fiction to reality or even just a magazine. Taking ten minutes out of your day or even on a lunch break to pull out a good book will benefit you greatly. It takes […]

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