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glenn whelan

For years now Glenn Whelan has been a mainstay in the Irish team. Both Giovanni Trappatoni and Martin O ‘Neill have trusted Whelan to anchor their midfield. It’s fair to say that Whelan has not always been a fan favourite with many questioning what he brings to the team and if his perceived conservative play is hindering the national side. Whelan has often been the go to man for criticism after defeats, with the media and fans questioning his talent and effectiveness in a vital position on the field. For a man often maligned he is picked often for the national side and has been playing in the Premier League […]

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premier league

It’s hard to remember a season which has promised to be as intriguing as the 2016/17 season. With both Manchester clubs bringing in high profile managers who happen to be bitter rivals along with Antonio Conte taking over at Chelsea and the fact that Jurgen Klopp will have had a pre season at Liverpool makes it interesting times for a number of clubs. And that is without mentioning reigning champions Leicester and an improving Spurs. Throw into the mix an Arsenal team desperate to win the league along with clubs like Everton, West Ham and Crystal Palace looking to spend big money and it makes it a season to look […]

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world cup 2018

It seems like we are always willing to accept a day out. ‘Ah sure, we gave it a lash’ is an all too common attitude in Irish sport. The Euro 2016 journey wasn’t a bad one but it wasn’t a great one. So we beat the Italians on an amazing night to qualify for the last 16 but then got beaten by a superior French team. A French team that could have been avoided had we merely beaten the Swedes in the first game when we were the dominant force. Oh well, we’ll move on and next is the World Cup in 2018. Ireland line out against Serbia away from […]

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Fantasy Football

That time of year is creeping up on us again. The Premier League is nearly upon us which means that we are all going to become expert managers for a few weeks and then completely lose interest before October. Here are five players that you should keep an eye on when you decide to pick your team. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United) Zlatan is one that will most definitely attract a massive price tag and lots of supports but he’s the only player in my top 5 list that I am going to warn you to stay clear of. That massive chunk of money could be put to better use in […]

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Jurgen Klopp

Apart from the capture of Luis Suarez, there are many observers who believe that Liverpool’s’ capture of Jurgen Klopp will turn out to be the best piece of business they have done in their recent history. Klopp has come to the Premier League with a reputation for being one of the best and most progressive coaches in world football. In fact, apart from Pep Guardiola, Klopp was the most sought after manager in Europe. What Klopp did at Dortmund and more importantly the style which he did it in has seen him gain many admirers in the footballing community. It was seen as a real coup when Liverpool managed to […]

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alex ferguson

When Alex Ferguson left Manchester Utd in 2013 any Man Utd fan will probably admit that they knew there would be a transition period following Ferguson’s departure. They knew that the level of success had peaked under Ferguson and that there would be the inevitable post Ferguson hangover. What they probably won’t have foreseen however is just how bad that hangover would be. United went on a winning binge under Ferguson and now as they sober up they are left dazed and faced with the harsh realisation that life at any football club, even a giant like Manchester United, is not just one big party. Can United ever be as […]

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euro 2016

Any time the Euros come around there is huge excitement in the football world but it seems as if there is an added air of excitement around these parts this year about international football’s European showpiece. Not least because Ireland have qualified from a tough group beating the reigning world champions along the way. The fact that the Euros are in France also means there will be a huge number of Irish fans travelling and it promises to be a great spectacle to look forward to. But what can we expect to see on the pitch, both from an Irish point of view and in the tournament as a whole? […]

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pep and man city

Next season is going to be one of the most interesting seasons in a long time in the Premier League. Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd will all have new managers at the helm and it promises to be a very interesting battle for not only the title but the top 4 as well. We have known for some time now that Pep Guardiola will take over at the Etihad next season and after managing European heavyweights Barcelona and Bayern Munich, this looks to be Guardiola’s toughest test as a manager. With an aging squad and a raft of underperforming stars, City are not n a good position. Will Guardiola […]

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So just why did the so called “Big teams” fail this year in the Premiership? Well, apart from the fact that underdogs Leicester City have outplayed almost every side they’ve come up against. Leicester have also played with their heart and soul, treated every game as if it was a final. They have showed us that money isn’t everything, that through hard-work and utter passion, anything is achievable. Also put Tottenham into this category as well. This differs them from the top 4 or 5 in the league who seem to play with no passion and could care less about achieving anything, taking everything for granted. So we will be […]

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league of ireland logo

How often would you go to a League of Ireland match? The majority of Irish football fans would rarely go and see their own clubs play on a Friday night. They would sooner sit at home and watch English football on sky sports. And they’d be right too. Irish football over the years has deteriorated. Match attendances have dropped, less money is being invested into the league . The Fai’s main focus is on the national team rather than their own league. This is the just one of the problems surrounding Irish football. I remember growing up, 2007, going to almost every home game for Drogheda United( the year they […]

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