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Running Shoes That Will Take You To The Next Level

As with almost everything in life, over analysis and new technology have made buying running shoes far more complicated than it should be. Now you are looking at more than just the sign saying ‘running’ or ‘fitness’ and instead you are being broken into dozens of different sub sections to find the right pair. Here are the main criteria that you actually need to focus on. Know Your Distance When picking out your shoe, know which shoes work for which distance. You don’t want to be in the middle of running the Dublin marathon when you realise that you’ve bought a pair of track shoes designed for 100m sprinters just […]

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Getting fit has become so much more than sweating it out at the gym. The introduction of technology to health and fitness has changed up the game by allowing fitness enthusiasts to get more information about their routines and get the most out of exercise. With fantastic gadgets, like some that are listed below, users can now measure things such as their heart-rates, sleeping patterns and form without a trainer or a locker full of equipment. Umoro One This bottle is a fantastic purchase for yourself or makes a great gift for a gym addict. The bottle functions like any other bottle, but with a clever added extra. With a […]

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5 great Fitness Apps

Are you getting into shape but need a little extra motivation? Check out these fitness apps for a little extra kick in your fitness regimes. Let us know what you think of the fitness app you pick or if you’re using something else. Fitbit Fitbit claims to be the world’s leading app for tracking all-day activity and workouts. Users can record steps taken and distance covered with its Mobile Track and it offers a variety of cool features when the app is paired with a Fitbit tracker. You can record workouts and then check the app to compare your stats and chart improvement. You can log your food and water […]

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Learn The Basics About Supplements

What are supplements? Many people have different idea as to what the word “supplement” stands for.” A supplement is something added to complete a thing or enhance it”. First of all , they are not steroids, or illegal in any way which I’ve heard some people call it, which is complete nonsense. Supplements are to benefit people who workout and train. For those who go to the gym, or run, or do any physical activity. They come in many forms such as powder form called whey or mass, or in tablet form which is for fat burning purposes. Nutritional Supplements Nutritional supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition […]

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