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Round 3: The Conor McGregor Bandwagoner’s Guide To UFC 207!

By Darren Bates December 29, 2016 (No)
While Conor McGregor takes a well-deserved break from carrying the weight of the entire UFC on his shoulders, you, being a McGregor Bandwagoner (and trust me, there’s no shame in it), probably couldn’t be arsed watching any other lads (or ladies) bate the shite out of each other, but take my word for it – UFC 207 is an absolute must watch! What makes UFC 207 a must watch? The reason why UFC diehards and casual MMA spectators will be watching in their droves is for one reason and one reason only; to watch the return of the UFC’s prodigal daughter, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey. Ronda hasn’t been seen inside the Octagon […]

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