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Key Things A Modern Man Should Have in His Bedroom

By Tahlia Peppard January 25, 2019 (No)
There’s no point in calling yourself a man or an adult if your room still looks like a bomb hit it or resembles something of a student man cave. Once your grow up, you realise that being neat and not having your mother pick up after you becomes somewhat attractive to the opposite sex. However, for those of you that need some extra help, I am here today to discuss the key things a modern man should have in his bedroom. It’s time to throw out the ‘sexy-girl’ photos, the gaming posters and your superhero bed sheets (as much as I can appreciate them, I don’t think many women do). Mind improving […]

Is There A Formula To Online Dating In Ireland?

By Aidan Clarke December 16, 2016 (No)
Let’s call a spade what it is here, if there was an effective formula for online dating there would probably be no single people; none, a whole cohort of people extinct. Writers of books, articles, songs, poems, television shows about the woes and delights of the heart would be unemployed. A multi-billion-dollar enterprise and its treasure trove of personal information about 100’s of millions of people and those they employ, gone. The whole industry is designed specifically to play off the fears of the loveless and on the aspirations of the lovelorn. Where the end goal is hopeful happiness and a massive day out in a carefully chosen ‘House Hotel’ […]

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