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Expectations Versus Reality of an Irish Freshers’ Week

By Olivia Virlan October 2, 2017 (No)
Ah yes, the most awaited week of the year for any college student, old and new. The week in which we all get absolutely hammered, despite the overwhelming amount of work thrown at us. For people starting out college, freshers’ week is seen as a magical time. A stage where in which one can completely forget about the agonising leaving cert they just sat and begin their college life. However, expectations are ALWAYS set quite high and I am not here to disappoint you, but to warn you that freshers’ week is not one big TGIF music video by Katy Perry. The Disappointing First Day From growing up, we all […]

Every Type of Person You Hate On the Daily Commute

By Andy Leech April 3, 2017 (No)
Okay, let’s say it’s all true and when I die, I shall stand at the pearly gates, face to face with my creator. No, I won’t confront him over the horrible diseases that exist. I won’t ask why he allows natural disasters to happen, or why he seems indifferent to the injustices of the world. I also won’t thank him for the wonderful life he gave me. I won’t fall to my knees and beg forgiveness for my sins. No, I’ll stare at his large, bearded, glorious face and tell him one thing: “Yes, I did a lot of horrible things in my life, but has a baby ever puked […]

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