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Will The Beard Stay In Fashion In 2018

By Stephen Kierans January 14, 2018 (No)
Growing a beard has strangely become a worldwide “trend” within the past five years. For something that is so easily obtained and literally grows on us, we are treating it like it is a new toy we have all gotten and want to showcase it to almost everyone. We’ve been questioning if the end is coming for 2 years now at The Sharpe (Will 2016 See The End Of The Beard? & Is 2017 Really The End Of The Beard?) so will 2018 be any different? The Beginning It is not a coincidence that this all started around the same time as the whole hipster trend was beginning. These intertwine perfectly […]

The Best Places for Guys to Get Cleaned up in Dublin

By Evan Coughlan November 30, 2017 (No)
In the past decade or so male grooming has become a normal part of society, no longer are men who enjoy a bit of waxing or manscaping sniggered at by others. In fact, most lads have become interested in the services provided by grooming establishments and are eager to dip there toe into the world of men’s grooming. So what exactly is on offer from these fine establishments and which are the best ones to go to in Dublin? Well wonder no more because here at The Sharpe we are going to take you through the six best places to go get cleaned up in Dublin. The Grooming Rooms What […]

Which Beard Style Should I Pick?

By Dean Fitzgerald April 11, 2017 (No)
If ever there was an article directed towards hipsters, this was it. As much as it pains me to say it, as of right now, I cannot grow a full-on beard. Just enough to show people that there is facial hair there, but not enough for it to look well. The world has become an unusual place. Trends seem to last as long as our attention spans, but the intensity of these trends are unbelievable. Remember the Mannequin challenge? The Running Man challenge? Man buns? All came and went. Beards are the order of the day now, and beard styling is just a part of that trend, so this article […]

Will 2016 See The End Of The Beard?

By theSharpeUser July 13, 2016 (No)
As a 30 year old “man” who can’t yet grow a proper beard; this is admittedly a touchy subject for me. And the fact that beards have been an ongoing trend for a few years now has meant it hasn’t been an easy time for me. Seeing people strut around with beards that frankly they do not deserve makes me sad and angry at the same time. A distinguished beard is something that everyone wants at some time in their lives, well every man anyway, so the fact that it has so far eluded me is both unfair and a bit of a joke in all honesty. The question is […]

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