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10 Health Benefits of Keeping Sexually Active

By Annabel Hynes December 21, 2016 (No)
There’s a lot of reasons to want to get frisky, but did you know there are some legitimately helpful ways sex can improve your health? As if sex wasn’t great enough on its own now we’re happy to share 10 brilliant reasons you should be keeping your sex life alive. Lowers stress Sex triggers the release of endorphins into your bloodstream, helping to reduce stress and increase positive attributes such as self-esteem. Research has shown that those who have sex frequently were more likely to have reduced feelings of anxiety, particularly in cases of public speaking. Exercise Sexual activity boosts your heart rate, burns calories and strengthens muscles, and is […]

How To Get A Great Night’s Sleep

By theSharpeUser July 10, 2016 (No)
As someone who is a bit of a night owl this is not a topic I usually give too much thought to. However even I must admit that there are times when a great night’s sleep is a must. There is just something nice about knowing that you can curl up like you did when you were a child and head cosily to the land of nod. There are often times though when the stresses of life mean relaxing and going to sleep are easier said than done. In this article I look at ways that you can leave the stresses of life behind at and give yourself a great […]

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