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How to Shop Smart for Supplements

By Andy Leech March 6, 2017 (No)
“I never take supplements, like, imagine taking drugs just to be better at sports and stuff.” How many times have you heard something like this? How many times have you struggled to restrain yourself from lashing out, both verbally and physically, when you hear this nonsense? There seems to be a real ignorance when it comes to the taking of supplements. They are not scary. They are not illegal. Throwing a couple of scoops of protein into water does not make you Lance Armstrong. Although there is a certain element of the distribution of sports supplements that can indeed be compared with the world of drugs. The serious amounts of […]

Choosing the Right Gym for Your Needs

By Annabel Hynes February 7, 2017 (No)
New Year’s Day is fading farther and farther into the past, and along with it many people’s resolutions. It’s easier to try eating healthier, or ditching the cigarettes, or becoming fitter early on in the year, when the experience is new and encouraging. As we transition from January to February however, those resolutions start getting more difficult – especially if you’re not getting the results you want. This is never more accurate than when people attempt to improve their fitness by going to a new gym. So, how do you get yourself to not only achieve your goals but also enjoy the process? It helps to find a gym that […]

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