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Can The League Of Ireland Improve Anytime Soon?

By theSharpeUser August 31, 2016 (No)
The League of Ireland needs a lot of work and a lot of luck if it wants to get up to the level of some of the other leagues in countries of similar stature to Ireland. There are a couple of little tweaks that need to be made and one big stroke of luck that they might get soon. The first big change needs to be at ground level. There are too many of the top clubs in the League of Ireland that are so uncompetitive that players will stay with local clubs until they are ready to go and play u19 in the League of Ireland. The top league […]

Can the league of Ireland ever develop into a serious league?

By theSharpeUser May 15, 2016 (No)
How often would you go to a League of Ireland match? The majority of Irish football fans would rarely go and see their own clubs play on a Friday night. They would sooner sit at home and watch English football on sky sports. And they’d be right too. Irish football over the years has deteriorated. Match attendances have dropped, less money is being invested into the league . The Fai’s main focus is on the national team rather than their own league. This is the just one of the problems surrounding Irish football. I remember growing up, 2007, going to almost every home game for Drogheda United( the year they […]

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