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What Does it Mean to Play Attractive Football?

By Phil Bourke September 22, 2017 (No)
I’m a Liverpool fan, and as a Liverpool fan I want them to play attractive football and I want them to win games. However, I’m not the stereotypical fan that thinks this will be our year, that Klopp can do no wrong and, because of our history, we deserve something today. Re-read that last paragraph, does anything stand out as odd to you? “I want Liverpool to play attractive football and I want them to win games”, contains two oddities in my mind. Firstly, what is “attractive football”? Surely, winning football matches is attractive. Attractive Football – Pick Your Favourite The ball on the ground, starting with the keeper, moving […]

2017 World Snooker Championship – Preview

By Evan Coughlan April 12, 2017 (No)
This year’s World Snooker Championship marks the 20th anniversary of Ken Doherty lifting the title when he defeated Stephen Hendry 18 – 12. Following that famous win for ‘Crafty Ken’, snooker has experienced a dramatic dip in terms of the popularity of the sport. Long gone are days of the sport’s flashy players with big personalities like Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins or Jimmy ‘The Whirlwind’ White. In their place are players who show very little, if any, personality and are extremely disciplined individuals. While all that’s great and we are seeing better snooker for it, the game has become almost robotic-like with less and less fans watching the World Championship every […]

Champions League Last 16 – What Have We Learned So Far

By Dean Fitzgerald March 7, 2017 (No)
Heading into the knockout stages of this year’s Champions League, there had been a lot of strong performances and results from the usual teams and players. Barcelona and Atlético Madrid both topped their groups, and Lionel Messi scored a near unbelievable 10 goals in the group stages (if it wasn’t Messi that is). Even so, the 2016/17 edition of the Champions League has thrown in some big surprises. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Porto finished behind Borussia Dortmund, Atlético and Leicester City respectively in their groups. Even Arsenal won their group ahead of PSG! It seemed like the year where anything could happen would come in the knockout stages. Despite […]

Claudio Ranieri’s Replacement – Who Want’s It?

By Andy Leech February 28, 2017 (No)
Every now and then, something happens that makes us believe in the beautiful game again. In a world where football seems to be dominated by boardrooms, sponsorship deals and stupidly rich absentee owners, once in a while something happens that makes us hark back to a simpler time. A more innocent, and purer time. When money didn’t matter and football was about community. A time that maybe never existed like we remember it, in truth. Last year, we allowed ourselves to be brought on a journey. We dared not pinch ourselves, for the feeling that this was but a dream and we would soon experience the piercing howl of reality, […]

Can an English Club Win the 2017 Champions League

By Evan Coughlan February 14, 2017 (No)
THE CHAMPIONS! Ah the Champions League last 16, the round where the competition finally gets interesting after the somewhat predictable group stage of the tournament. In saying that, one team nobody thought would get this far are the Premier League Champions Leicester City. The Foxes have defied everyone’s expectations (well expect Gary Lineker’s) and have qualified for the last 16 of the competition along with fellow English clubs, and regular visitors to this stage of the competition, Arsenal and Manchester City. While it’s been years since two English sides have contested the Champions League Final, nowadays it’s at least somewhat more likely, but can an English club actually win the Champions League […]

Can RB Leipzig Become Football’s Next Leicester City?

By Geoff Dorrity December 4, 2016 (No)
This weekend marked the 9th consecutive win for newly promoted Bundesliga side RB Leipzig, a record which no team in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or the Eredivisie has been able to match this season. Die Roten Bullen, also known as the Red Bulls, beat Schalke in an exciting encounter at the Red Bull Arena on Saturday evening to go top of the table; they now stand 3 points clear of last year’s champions Bayern Munich. So Who Are RB Leipzig? The club was founded on the 19th of May 2009 following a partnership between global energy drinks company Red Bull GmbH and SSV Markranstädt, a small […]

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