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The Best Barbers in Dublin

By Zuzanna Piasek March 13, 2019 (No)
If you are looking for a new place that can offer you the best hairstyle or haircut in town than this article might just find the right place for you. All barber shops can be unique in their very own ways so, here is a few examples of the best barbers in Dublin. Whether you are going in for a haircut or a shave these places are ready to accommodate you. Cut and Sew Barber Dublin 2 This barbershop has built itself up to be one of the best barber shops in Dublin. Starting out originally as a one-man barbershop it has conquered challenges over the years. Being in business […]

Should Men Use Fake Tan?

By theSharpeUser September 29, 2018 (No)
Should Men Use Fake Tan? What a question and what a topic. As the world we live in today becomes more image orientated and superficial, it’s only natural to ask whether men could do more to make themselves look better; whether it’s shaving/waxing their legs or using fake tan. Now, in my opinion, I feel you’ve got to do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good and if wearing fake tan does that for you, then, wear it, regardless of your gender. However, I know that people think that men wearing fake tan isn’t masculine and something that only women should do. In this post I will dive […]

Manscaping… Should I?

By Dean Fitzgerald June 24, 2017 (No)
Firstly, before we even start, what an odd question to be asking yourself. Do you not have more important things to be doing than worrying about shaving your balls? How did the title make you believe ‘yep, this is the article for me’? If that’s the big thing stuck in your mind, you’re either extremely lucky that this is a genuinely significant and prime problem in your life, or you’ve lost all sense of priorities and this is just a way of hiding from real responsibilities. My guess is the second one. I’m right, aren’t I? Moving swiftly along, for those of you who did not click to read this […]

8 Products No Grown Man Should Be Using

By Dean Fitzgerald April 20, 2017 (No)
Adulthood is hard. There are responsibilities, the safety net of school is gone, and your parents are sick of you spending all day on the PS4 because you don’t have a job and you’ve already decided to wing it for college exams. I mean, how hard could final year exams be? Can’t be that important surely? Along with all of this, there’s the lesser issue of what products you’re using. Certain things you use are considered for those young whipper-snappers two years younger than you. Mostly, this has to do with hygiene and self-care, but it’s not always the case. Here are 8 products that you need to stop using […]

Which Beard Style Should I Pick?

By Dean Fitzgerald April 11, 2017 (No)
If ever there was an article directed towards hipsters, this was it. As much as it pains me to say it, as of right now, I cannot grow a full-on beard. Just enough to show people that there is facial hair there, but not enough for it to look well. The world has become an unusual place. Trends seem to last as long as our attention spans, but the intensity of these trends are unbelievable. Remember the Mannequin challenge? The Running Man challenge? Man buns? All came and went. Beards are the order of the day now, and beard styling is just a part of that trend, so this article […]

The Rise Of The Metrosexual: Are Men More Concerned With Appearance Than Women?

By theSharpeUser October 26, 2016 (No)
Appearance is something to which we as a culture give a tremendous amount of attention. We certainly aren’t the only species to obsess over it, but we are the first to build industries celebrating and feeding off of this widespread fascination. Women are traditionally used to espouse ideals of beauty, their bodies seen as objects to promote brands or lure in consumers. While images of women are generally more exploited for all sorts of businesses, leading to absurd standards in media and fashion – among others – men have recently been offered a taste of what that kind of unobtainable status can do to and for them. Enter the portmanteau […]

Male Grooming In The Modern World

By theSharpeUser July 10, 2016 (No)
Looking good has taken a whole new twist for the boys. Out with the rugged and scraggly look that used to be the way to a girl’s heart or even just a girl’s bed and in with the manicured, pedicured, waxed, bronzed, gelled and flawless look that is now expected. Starting at the very top, the old school mop of hair is a thing of the past. Now, the very least expected is some form of ‘faded’ hairstyle absolutely coated in some kind of wax, gel or mousse. It must be to perfection quite literally meaning not a hair out of place lads. I suppose we can be grateful that […]

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