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What Can We Expect From Rio Ferdinand’s Move Into Boxing?

By Evan Coughlan October 7, 2017 (No)
A few weeks ago people looked at their phones bemused as it was announced that former England captain Rio Ferdinand would begin a new career as a boxer. Rio, one of the finest centre halves in the modern game made the announcement in association with Betfair, who will help him gain a boxing license from the British Boxing Board of Control. The Man United legend will be part of Betfair’s Defender to Contender challenge, as they follow him from his first sparring session to his pro debut in a few months time. So can Rio actually forge a new career for himself in the world of boxing? Well we here […]

Europa League Last 16 – What Have We Learned So Far

By Dean Fitzgerald March 16, 2017 (No)
The Europa League this year has been unusual to say the least. In the past couple of years, a big-named team has emerged as winners in the form of Sevilla, Chelsea, Atlético Madrid and FC Porto. However, in the 2016/17 edition of the Europa League it’s difficult to say that there are multiple teams of real pedigree remaining. Manchester United are obviously an exception as a big team, but with the other ‘big names’ being Roma, Lyon and possibly Schalke 04, it’s hard to argue for the prestige of the competition. Nevertheless, a guaranteed place in next year’s Champions League is up for grabs and each of the last 16 […]

Will Utd Ever See Another Ferguson?

By theSharpeUser June 6, 2016 (No)
When Alex Ferguson left Manchester Utd in 2013 any Man Utd fan will probably admit that they knew there would be a transition period following Ferguson’s departure. They knew that the level of success had peaked under Ferguson and that there would be the inevitable post Ferguson hangover. What they probably won’t have foreseen however is just how bad that hangover would be. United went on a winning binge under Ferguson and now as they sober up they are left dazed and faced with the harsh realisation that life at any football club, even a giant like Manchester United, is not just one big party. Can United ever be as […]

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