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Irish Wellbeing Events for 2019 – Part 2

By Alannah Kenny April 20, 2019 (No)
Following on from our part 1 piece on Wellbeing Events in 2019, we at The Sharpe have decided to give you an early insight into some of the events coming up later in the summer and thereafter (which might be worthwhile looking into now as some events can be pricey!). We all need to take time out from the stresses of life and to put social media and digital devices on pause for a while. Your mind will thank you for it in the long run and one of the select events that we have handpicked could be the perfect gift for you or someone else down the line. Yoga, […]

7 Men Worthy Of Your Man-Crush

By Ryan Corry May 2, 2017 (No)
If you’re willing to admit it or not, every man has a man or men they admire or aspire to be more like. Whether it’s because of their effortless coolness or their ability to be brilliant at almost anything they turn their hand to, these men are very suited to most “women want them and men want to be them” lists. So in case you can’t decide on the guy that deserves your male admiration the most, we decided to supply you with 7 worthy options. Feel free to fill your mind with rampant jealousy as you read about their fame and riches. We like to think of it as […]

Man Guide – The Absolute Basics of Looking after Yourself

By Annabel Hynes December 26, 2016 (No)
There can often be undue pressure placed on women for personal maintenance, which we have discussed in previous posts on Unrealistic Beauty Standards, but contrary to popular belief, there are some universal ground rules for looking acceptable in society for men too. Hygiene It’s the most basic requirement imaginable, and yet it escapes so many people; showering regularly and thoroughly. It cannot be underestimated in terms of making an impression. It is healthier for your hair and skin to do so every second day, or three times a week at the bare minimum. Showering too much can disrupt your skin’s moisture balance and leave your hair weak and dry. Brushing […]

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