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James OR Interview: An Attempt At Momentum

By Kaleigh Ahern May 9, 2019 (No)
A short conversation with James OR feels like packing myriad life lessons in a bottomless bag – you apply its contents to your own life, and the bag is refilled on the next coffee date. In other words – the 29-year-old Cork man is pure sound, like. “I’m not a believer of natural talent. I’m a big advocate of grit and hard work.” James is a homegrown artist who fills his days gathering some momentum, or at least trying to. From humble beginnings – and humble he is – this man’s music has taken him a far stretch from blasting out Nirvana covers with his wannabee rock star pals in […]

The 7 Biggest Gigs in Dublin This February

By Zuzanna Piasek February 3, 2019 (No)
There is nothing better than kicking off February the right way with some of the best acts coming to Dublin. Whether you are looking for something to warm up in preparation for all of the biggest festivals of the summer or looking for that one special act that will make someone special become your Valentine this guide will help you find what you are looking for. Covering a wide range of genres and places here is the latest gig guide up for grabs. Witt Lowry This young rapper can be compared as the new up and coming Eminem with his exceptional rapping skills. Known as Mark Richard Jr. Giving up […]

Great Old School Tunes to Revisit This Summer – Part 1

By Tahlia Peppard June 7, 2018 (No)
Ah, Summer, when everything in life appears brighter and the evenings become just that little bit longer. It’s a known fact that most people are happier in the sunshine and that it can actually change your mood for the better. As the summer is ramping up and days at the beach are becoming more frequent, I think it’s time to take a look at some old school Summer tunes that you should be listening to in 2018. So get your phones out, your speakers, your barbecues and swimsuits, because these tunes will definitely get you in the mood for Summer! Summer of ‘69 We’re starting out with a classic one, how could […]

Five Gigs You Need to See in Limerick this Year

By Alannah Kenny June 1, 2017 (No)
Limerick is a county that has continued to spawn some of Ireland’s greatest musical treasures and it was rightly awarded the title of ‘National City of Culture’ in 2014. It is a thriving hub for both local and international musicians to share their talents and sure enough there are some great gigs lined up throughout the coming year in the city, and here’s five that you definitely can’t miss! 5) All Our Exes Live in Texas Brace yourselves, this all-female four-piece from Sydney with a penchant for Folk music are coming to Limerick to shake things up the Aussie way! Hannah, Georgia, Elana and Katie have been on the music […]

Upcoming Irish Gigs You Need To Get To

By Annabel Hynes April 4, 2017 (No)
This year is a great one for Irish gigs, with many of the world’s biggest stars coming to our little musical isle over the coming months. Bruno Mars, Bob Dylan, Ariana Grande, Hans Zimmer and U2 are just a handful of the artists doing the rounds in 2017, and their concerts are highly anticipated. Check out the profiles of each artist below and all the details on how to score tickets for their shows. 1. Bruno Mars – April 30th at 3Arena Bruno Mars is one of the most well-known contemporary artists on the music scene these days, having made his mark with record-breaking hits since he rose in popularity […]

Irish Bloggers You Should be Following Right Now

By Alannah Kenny March 21, 2017 (No)
Blogging in Ireland is fast becoming a very on-trend thing. Whether you’re a blogger yourself or a follower of one, you will see that it is an effective and clever way to find others with similar interests, being part of an online community or picking up some great tips along the way. As we are all about promoting Irish here at The Sharpe, we have selected a variety of Irish blogs that we think you should be following right now! Live Lavishly: Travel and Lifestyle for Men and Women Carly Colgan Bates is the young Dublin girl behind this up and coming blog about essentially living life to the max. […]

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