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7 Acts You Need to Hear at the 2018 Dublin Podcast Festival

By Zuzanna Piasek September 9, 2018 (No)
Now in it’s second year, the 2018 Dublin Podcast Festival kicks off in just a few weeks time and there is an unbelievable lineup set to deliver heaps of interesting discussions. It, all starts on the 26th of September and goes out with a blast on the 14th of October. Put simply, this festival will make fans of podcasts very happy. As you can imagine, there is a very wide and eclectic variety of podcast  choices available throughout the festival. If you’re unsure which act you’d like to see than look no more. We’re counting down seven acts you just have to see at the 2018 Dublin Podcast Festival. 7. […]

8 Unsigned Irish Bands That Are Turning Heads Right Now

By Zuzanna Piasek October 30, 2017 (No)
If you’re bored listening to the same old mainstream music over and over again, then this is the perfect place for you. Why not dive into some unsigned Irish bands that are turning heads right now. The music range includes lots of genres and if you can’t stop listening, why not check out one of our gig guides? That way you can go support them too! So lets go ahead and dive right in. 1) Empathy Empathy are an alternative rock band, citing bands like Placebo and Interpol as their influences. They are known for their ability to blend delicate and distorted guitar tones and a vocal style similar to […]

Irish Television… Is Anyone Watching Anymore?

By Andy Leech February 18, 2017 (No)
It’s Saturday night. I’m watching the flickering screen of my 100 inch TV. I’m with the people I love. The room is warm. There’s food in my belly. I’m lucky. But why do I have this uneasy feeling? Why do I feel guilty? Dirty, even? Maybe I left the car running outside? Nope. Maybe I forgot to feed the dog? No, that’s not it. I hate the dog, that wouldn’t make me feel guilty, at all. Maybe it’s just a general guilt of white male privilege, one that I take massively for granted, and the onus to which I should at all times carry on my young shoulders? Nah. Should […]

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