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5 Great Running Apps You Need To Know About

By Annabel Hynes April 19, 2017 (No)
The age of technology in which we are currently thriving offers much in the way of amenities; on our smartphones alone we can access search engines, live streams, video-calling and just about any game or activity conceived in Silicon Valley. Applications are the medium for such privileges, and as the industry behind them develops, more versatile ones pop up that can be used for many different aspects of daily life. Take regular exercise – it can be a gruelling habit to enter into, but it is made easier and more enjoyable with the aid of smartphone apps that vary in terms of what they can offer consumers. There are multiple […]

Running Shoes That Will Take You To The Next Level

By theSharpeUser November 26, 2016 (No)
As with almost everything in life, over analysis and new technology have made buying running shoes far more complicated than it should be. Now you are looking at more than just the sign saying ‘running’ or ‘fitness’ and instead you are being broken into dozens of different sub sections to find the right pair. Here are the main criteria that you actually need to focus on. Know Your Distance When picking out your shoe, know which shoes work for which distance. You don’t want to be in the middle of running the Dublin marathon when you realise that you’ve bought a pair of track shoes designed for 100m sprinters just […]

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