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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Him

By Olivia Virlan December 22, 2017 (No)
I’m sure everyone agrees when I say that shopping for any male in your life is IMPOSSIBLE. Which is why Christmas shopping for your brother, dad or boyfriend could be your worst nightmare, especially if you’ve left it this late. While there are hundreds of different gift guides available for women, and women in general are far easier to buy for (controversial), something seems to be lacking when it comes to gift ideas for the lads. In this gift guide, I have carefully selected some perfect ideas for any men in your life. Tile Mate The Tile Mate is a bluetooth tracker which helps you keep track of your keys. […]

6 Essentials For A Summer Of Inter Railing

By Vincent Hung July 15, 2017 (No)
Exams are well and truly over for most students. The heat of the sun blazing through the cloudless sky (not so much in Ireland) has made students anxious to go out and find their own summer adventure through some good old fashioned inter railing. Before you rush out the door to find an adventure its important to know what you need for a successful summer of inter railing and not to learn things the difficult way like many of us have before, myself included! Buying Tickets To save money when inter railing, it is important to check what type of travel ticket suits your needs. Such as, the single country […]

Has the Dublin Tech Summit Filled the Gap?

By Dean Fitzgerald March 1, 2017 (No)
Two weeks ago an estimated 10,000 people attended the Dublin Tech Summit in the Convention Centre in Dublin city, a new conference that was put in place after it was found that the mega successful Web Summit was moving to Lisbon last year. Although attendance numbers were slightly below expectations, there was a sense of satisfaction that the Summit had attempted to tackle a question that constantly sits on the minds of those invested in technology: What is the future of the tech industry in Ireland? Businesses and Speakers Some heavyweight companies were involved in the Summit as partners as well, which only served to further enhance the event’s reputation […]

10 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Year to Forget

By theSharpeUser January 10, 2017 (No)
The reasons as to why 2016 was a year to forget is a list as long as my arm, but after much consideration, I’ve managed to whittle it down to those ten occurrences that grabbed the most headlines, and here they are: Brexit The whole world obsessed about it and consumed it daily in the news on the run up to the vote, fearing the worst, if the yes vote won but alas, that’s exactly what happened. Following the June 23rd referendum, David Cameron’s handed in his resignation (which probably isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened, in many people’s opinion) and his replacement, Theresa May, has been left with […]

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