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How to Enjoy a Sober St. Patrick’s Day

By Dean Fitzgerald March 16, 2018 (No)
It’s the day everyone around the world celebrates being Irish, without seeing the irony of that situation whatsoever. People everywhere suddenly have a family tree at the ready to explain how a distant relative from eight generations ago was actually a friend of the cousin of a girl from Ireland, and that totally makes sense. They then shout ‘top o’ the morning to ya’ in an accent that Saturday Night Live would be proud of. All of this before skulling a rake of Guinness in your best oversized green hat. Sounds a bit mad doesn’t it. In the furore of St. Patrick’s Day, drink seems to have become the number […]

The Best Ireland v England Rugby Clashes of The Last 15 Years

By Evan Coughlan March 15, 2018 (No)
With the Six Nations Championship in the bag, the Irish rugby team now travel to Twickenham on St. Patrick’s Day in search of their first Grand Slam since 2009. Standing in their way are Eddie Jones’s England, who after winning back to back Six Nations titles have flattered to deceive in this year’s championship. Originally this game was supposed to be the Grand Slam shootout and show who was the best team in the Northern hemisphere, 18 months out from the World Cup. Now, all going well it will be the crowing of Ireland as second to only New Zealand in International rugby, but enough about Saturday’s match for now. […]

6 Unmissable Irish Gigs Over St. Patrick’s Weekend

By Zuzanna Piasek March 13, 2018 (No)
It’s that time of the year again where you can show everyone exactly why it’s so great to be Irish. What better way to start off the St. Patrick’s Weekend celebrations than with a nice dose of homegrown music! There are gigs taking place in every corner of the country so get your dancing shoes on, grab a friend and get going! 1. Zion Train If you are in Cork on St. Patrick’s day, you sure are lucky because Zion Train are playing in the Crane Lane Theatre. In 2014, they’re Land of the Blind album was a big hit and they are looking to release another new album soon. […]

The Craziest Drinking Games to Play on St. Patrick’s Day

By Annabel Hynes March 17, 2017 (No)
There’s no end to the kinds of shenanigans that can go down on St. Patrick’s Day, especially if you’re Irish – or worse, an American with Irish heritage that feels the need to live up to a stereotype. One of the greatest joys of this once-religious holiday is drinking copious quantities of alcohol without judgement, in celebration of our country’s patron saint; and as everyone knows, simply drinking is not enough. It has to get weird. Check out some of the most innovative and plain ridiculous drinking games from around the world below, many of which can be customised for St. Patrick’s. (This doesn’t include dyeing everything green). Irish Poker […]

Alternatives For Boozing This St. Patrick’s Weekend

By Dean Fitzgerald March 15, 2017 (No)
St. Patrick’s weekend – preferably not Paddy’s, and definitely not Patty’s – is basically the RAG Week for the world at this stage. All the stereotypes about our proud little nation being full of drinkers comes to life, all in the name of a hazy, vomit-soaked, poorly-channelled sense of nationalism. But at least the rest of the world knows we’re great craic. Silver linings and all that. For those of you who prefer not to spend the week after saying ‘it was class’ but not actually remember what you did, there are plenty of alternatives for boozing which can still make it a weekend to remember. Here are a few […]

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