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The Coolest Tech Tools Coming Very Soon

By Tahlia Peppard October 11, 2017 (No)
In a world that’s constantly changing, it pays to keep up with the newest products on the market, fashion trends and even the coolest tech tools that will be introduced. Our society is a lot more technologically advanced then what it used to be and there are new products, tools and ideas that are being circulated and produced all the time. Obviously, products like the iPhone, tablets, iPods and basically anything along those type of production lines are still very popular and have become part of our daily lives. Personally, I find it very hard to part with my iPhone and as much as you probably hate to admit it […]

Irish Tech Events You Need To Get To This Year

By Alannah Kenny September 12, 2017 (No)
Calling all tech lovers, there will be several Irish festivals, conferences and conventions happening this year paying homage to all things technological and scientific. Dublin is no stranger to hosting some of the biggest tech gatherings in Europe, with places like Galway and Cork beginning to get their spoke in too. Be it for educational or entertainment purposes, there’s something to interest everyone. Let’s see what’s on offer in the coming months. UPRISE Festival Originally spawning from Amsterdam, UPRISE is the biggest technology festival in Europe and it will be heading to the RDS in Dublin for a second year in a row. UPRISE is unique in that it’s not […]

Top Tech Tools On The Market Now

By Tahlia Peppard June 7, 2017 (No)
We all know we are becoming a more and more technologically advanced society. We rely a lot on technology to do things, for example; Maps on the App store will basically take you anywhere you want to go in any country, just type in the address. Therefore, today, I’m bringing you the top tech tools on the market right now that may be worth  looking into, especially if your considering picking up a gift for the techy in your life. KNOPS EAR PLUGS These come from Kickstarter and are already retailing at €99. This is basically volume control for your ears, it filters out unnecessary sounds and claims to be an […]

Top Gadgets For This Christmas – Part 1

By Annabel Hynes November 18, 2016 (No)
Juice Power Station 11200MAH – £29.95 Buy it here: Juice Power Station Christmas is a time for gifts, and in the modern age we live in, that means a great deal of shiny new iPads and smartphones being drained throughout Christmas Day. What a treat then, to have the Juice Power Station – a charging station that can power up to two devices at once. With its 2.4 amp charging port and 1 amp port, your tech will be ready to go in no time. This gadget is ideal for the person on-the-go, or for those pesky kids whose tablet just died while you were on the way to visit […]

Web Summit 2016 – Bigger or Better?

By Geoff Dorrity November 11, 2016 (No)
The 2016 Web Summit has finished and the dust is just about settling on what is largely considered to be the years biggest annual tech conference around the world. The event, now in its seventh year has been referred to as the “Glastonbury for geeks”, boasted a powerful lineup of sports stars and celebrities from Ronaldinho to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. As you can imagine, an event of this magnitude has developed quite the fan base with over 53,000 attendees represented by 15,000 companies, all of this proving that the Summit has come a long way from its humble beginnings of 400 attendees in Dublin back in 2010. So Why The Switch? […]

5 Apps that Will make your Day more Productive

By Geoff Dorrity August 17, 2016 (No)
Everyone has their own tips or techniques for being more productive, be it crossing through a list of items with their trusty red pen , drinking more coffee or just waking up earlier. But how about increasing your effectiveness via technology? Getting the most out of that smartphone in your pocket isn’t difficult — with just a few taps you could be well on your way to changing your workday for the better. Here’s 5 great apps that are sure to have a knock on effect on your productivity levels. Wunderlist I’ve used Wunderlist to plan a lot of stuff I need to get done, be it tasks at work, […]

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