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5 Irish Gigs You Need To See This March

By Alannah Kenny March 6, 2018 (No)
With Paddy’s Day getting closer, it’s time to get in the swing of things this March as we have a Country and Trad takeover to celebrate. They say that Country-Western music got its origins from the Irish and with the list of gigs coming up on Paddy’s Day with an Irish Country theme, we can certainly believe it! So if you’re looking for a good line dance, hoedown, jig or a good Rattlin’ Bog chorus to suit the spirit of the weekend that’s in it, look no further! Check out some of these fantastic Irish gigs this March and witness our local gems show ‘em how it’s done. 5) The […]

Irish Instagram Accounts: Who You Need To Follow

By Olivia Virlan February 25, 2018 (No)
Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become the most sought after mobile app, reaching 500 million daily users. It’s known as one of the best platforms for celebrities and social influencers to engage with their fans and for ordinary people to share their favourite pics. We’ve all become too familiar with the insta-food pics, the “OOTD” (outfit of the day) pics and the dog pics which seem to flood our Instagram feeds, or maybe just mine. But given the sheer number of accounts, it’s hard to get away from the tedious posts, which is why I’ve done my research to find some of the best Irish Instagram accounts to follow. From […]

Irish Television… Is Anyone Watching Anymore?

By Andy Leech February 18, 2017 (No)
It’s Saturday night. I’m watching the flickering screen of my 100 inch TV. I’m with the people I love. The room is warm. There’s food in my belly. I’m lucky. But why do I have this uneasy feeling? Why do I feel guilty? Dirty, even? Maybe I left the car running outside? Nope. Maybe I forgot to feed the dog? No, that’s not it. I hate the dog, that wouldn’t make me feel guilty, at all. Maybe it’s just a general guilt of white male privilege, one that I take massively for granted, and the onus to which I should at all times carry on my young shoulders? Nah. Should […]

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