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5 of Ireland’s Tastiest Summer Food Festivals

By Felipe Wasserstein July 22, 2017 (No)
Summer might just be the best season for festivals in Ireland with lots on offer from film, to music, to games and right back to the good old reliable grub! The (usually) clear and sunny weather is ideal for travelling around the country and finding delicious food at great locations.  Most of the festivals combine traditional Irish food with the cuisine of some of the very best international dishes, even more reason to check them out. To help celebrate one of the most important aspects of Irish culture, we at The Sharpe have picked out five food events that are definitely worth seeing this summer. Enniscorthy Rockin’ Food Festival Ideal […]

5 Fun Things To Do In Ireland This Summer

By theSharpeUser June 10, 2016 (No)
We may have already missed the boat as far as ideal conditions are concerned for this one but a visit to the Cliffs of Moher is a must for every Irish person or Harry Potter fan. If you are close to West Clare and have never been, then it’s got to be moved up your bucket list. The breath-taking views accompanied by the sheer thrill of watching the water crash against the rocks is something that no photo can capture. As for the Harry Potter reference, the cliffs were used in the sixth movie where Harry and Dumbledore head to find the horcrux in a cave. One for the sports […]

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