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Denmark vs. Ireland: Your Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide To Copenhagen

By Evan Coughlan November 5, 2017 (No)
Evan CoughlanWrites about sport and stuff. When Evan thinks of a witty comment it will appear here. https://www.thesharpe.com

The Kick Ass Guide To Inter Railing This Summer

By Dean Fitzgerald August 2, 2017 (No)
The freedom, the independence, the adventure, inter railing really does have it all. Experiencing new horizons, seeing different, vibrant cultures, and partying til 5.30am and falling into the hostel you booked because it was super cheap and allows alcohol, inter railing really is the dream for young Irish people. Remember, whether you decide on a 2 week trip, or to just travel all summer, the key to having the best inter railing experience possible is in the details. Follow this guide to inter railing (from a guy with zero inter railing experience) to maximise the craic you’ll have. Packing The first step to inter railing is what you pack. Make […]

Simple Reasons your Relationship is Failing

By Tahlia Peppard May 28, 2017 (No)
We have all had our fair share of good and bad relationships, whether you seem to be the problem or they are. Now, you have finally managed to land yourself in another relationship and it isn’t going great, but it isn’t going bad either. However, there are some obvious reasons your relationship is failing. So, I’m here to help you figure it out and hopefully let you see some of the more obvious warning signs. Being Clingy Firstly, you’re too clingy. We’re all guilty of this, we have all carried on messaging our significant others (known as ‘SO’ from here) on a night out with their friends. It’s not cute anymore […]

How to Cope with the Travails of Airport Travel

By Aidan Clarke March 19, 2017 (No)
Living on an a island on the edge of a continent means that to get in and out of the place, the vast bulk of locals and visitors, whether they like it or not, have to take a flight. This works out as quite a number of people, when you take into consideration that Dublin Airport just had its busiest year ever. In 2016 the airport handled over 27 million people, roughly the population of Yemen. Yeah, that’s a fair head of cattle being bussed in from around the world. When it comes to Irish airport travel though, let’s be clear about something – we are all morons! It’s impossible […]

The Returning Irish Emigrant – What to Expect in 2017

By Andy Leech January 17, 2017 (No)
We Irish have a long tradition of emigration. For generations, we have abided by the old saying, “if you can’t stand the heat, find another kitchen. A kitchen that’s not as hot. A bigger kitchen. A kitchen where they all speak English, preferably”. While the emigrants of famine times were setting off on their journeys never to return again, that’s not the case for those who left when the recession hit during the late noughties. You had lads, whose only previous time on an aeroplane was a trip to Santa Ponsa when they were eighteen, jetting off to Dubai, Australia, Canada etc. Those chancers were only mad to come home, […]

Crucial Things To Remember When Travelling

By theSharpeUser September 29, 2016 (No)
There are a lot of things to remember before you go off on any adventure, your passport being the first on the list because we all know someone who’d forget it. Here we have a short list of the essentials to prep and plan your next trip. Travel Insurance If you’re a bit accident prone or have a bit of bad luck with life in general, then travel insurance is what you should be looking at probably before even booking the flights. It would be just your luck that you would have your suitcase sent to a completely different country and will need cover for a temporary wardrobe. The Language […]

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