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Winter Exercise Guide – Tips For Winter Exercise

By Tahlia Peppard August 30, 2018 (No)
Winter is coming! And this means Winter exercise needs to be considered. As much as we hate to admit it and trust us, we really do, Summer is coming to an end and that means the greatest heatwave we’ve seen in 30 years is going to be a distant memory. We all hate those cold Winter months, you don’t want to leave the house because it’s so cold and everyone is wrapped up and if you’re standing still, well good luck not freezing you backside off. Not everyone is a gym nut with many people just wanting to do a small bit of exercise to keep them healthy. Gyms are […]

10 Simple New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018

By Tahlia Peppard January 9, 2018 (No)
Now that we’ve all triumphantly eaten and drank our way into 2018, it may be time to start thinking of some simple small New Years resolutions. The 1st of January would just be too early to deal with this type of positive thinking. Now, we’re not going to tell you to cut down on sugar and chocolate, this is more practical and focused on things that you can achieve by building a new habit. Walking Simple. Just go for a walk 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes or so. Not only is it good for you, but it gives you a chance to get some exercise and fresh air, […]

Four Great Exercises You Can Do In The Shorter Evenings

By theSharpeUser October 5, 2016 (No)
Winter is creeping in, the days are getting shorter and the weather, well the weather is being pretty typical but there is no excuse that you cannot stay fit during the coming months. Whether you are a fitness novice or you’re already accustomed to exercising on a regular basis and simply want to bring some variety to your current routine, there are some excellent exercises you can undertake in the shorter evenings. The likelihood of you actually maintaining a fitness routine is greatly impacted by one thing, the weather. Picking a sport or exercise that is not weather dependent will make exercising easier to accomplish when it’s pouring rain outside […]

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