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Round 4: The Conor McGregor Bandwagoner’s Guide To UFC 209!

By Darren Bates March 4, 2017 (No)
Welcome back Conor McGregor Bandwagoner to another edition of the “Conor McGregor Bandwagoner’s Guide” and this time we’re pointing our peepers in the direction of UFC 209. UFC 209, which takes place in the early hours of Sunday morning in Las Vegas (for all of us watching in this part of the world), was set to be the biggest UFC event of 2017 by a country mile, but sadly the news broke, on Friday, that the eagerly anticipated matchup between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is off. Damn! Nurmagomedov had no choice but to withdraw, citing weight management medical issues and it’s highly unlikely that, at this late stage, Ferguson […]

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