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How to Build The Ultimate Home Office

By Zuzanna Piasek March 1, 2019 (No)
Independent businesses are becoming increasingly more popular from online editors to photographers and much more. If you are entering this journey of starting your own business and would like to have the perfect workplace to get you started than this list will give you some of the best tips and tricks. You will no longer put off that pile of work sitting in the corner and instead you will be rushing to your office in the morning ready to start the day. The Space First thing to decide on when building a home office is where are you going to put it. Space is an important thing to consider so […]

The Trials and Tribulations of Working in Irish Retail

By Olivia Virlan November 9, 2017 (No)
There are a lot of different types of jobs out there, the choice really is endless, but retail still seems to be the one that most people turn to. It all seems like fun and games until your one month in. Then having to deal with the same insignificant things over and over again can become a little bit monotonous and before long you may be looking for a slightly less annoying job. For those that enjoy their jobs in retail, power to you all, you are a rare and beautiful breed! If your weighing up the prospect of taking on a job in Irish retail, then Jen Hatton’s sketch […]

How to Get a Promotion Without Actually Asking

By Dean Fitzgerald February 13, 2017 (No)
You work hard, do your job well, and only take 3 toilet breaks a day. You feel you deserve a promotion. Matt got one last year and he can barely spell the word ‘promotion’. Plus, you don’t want to ask for one in person because let’s face it, it’s extremely awkward and only people with either little shame or massive confidence actually ask outright. Before Starting You want that promotion, but you don’t want to have to ask for it. What do you do? Before you follow these steps, first you need to know a couple of things in your job: Is there a space for a promotion where you work? […]

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