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The Trials and Tribulations of Working in Irish Retail

By Olivia Virlan November 9, 2017 (No)
There are a lot of different types of jobs out there, the choice really is endless, but retail still seems to be the one that most people turn to. It all seems like fun and games until your one month in. Then having to deal with the same insignificant things over and over again can become a little bit monotonous and before long you may be looking for a slightly less annoying job. For those that enjoy their jobs in retail, power to you all, you are a rare and beautiful breed! If your weighing up the prospect of taking on a job in Irish retail, then Jen Hatton’s sketch […]

Does Christmas Start Too Soon These Days?

By theSharpeUser December 5, 2016 (No)
Christmas is a time of unabashed joy, comfort and togetherness, enjoyed with friends and family at home as the year draws to a close. Or at least, that is what the tagline is supposed to be. It can be difficult to channel your Christmas spirit when there are still pumpkins in shop windows and it’s not even particularly cold outdoors. Why does it sometimes feel like Christmas gets earlier every year, and does dragging it out make it more of a chore than a holiday? Christmas Creep This is a merchandising phenomenon that occurs in the so-called ‘golden quarter’, or the three months before the end of the year, October, […]

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