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6 Gigs You Need To See In Dublin This September

By Zuzanna Piasek September 3, 2018 (No)
As a massive summer of Irish festivals draws to a close, we’re checking out some of the biggest gigs in Dublin this month. If you thought that everything musical ended with Electric Picnic this past weekend, you would be sadly mistaken! With the kids back to school, you’ll have plenty of time to plan out an epic night of music in the capital. If you can’t find a babysitter, bring them with you, a pair of headphones may be advised too! There’s heaps of talent makings it’s way to our shores this September so let’s kick back, relax and see who’s coming to town! 1. Against the Current Against the […]

10 Incredible Irish YouTubers That You Should Be Following

By Zuzanna Piasek November 20, 2017 (No)
Irish YouTubers are quickly establishing themselves at the fore front of content creation. Not only are they creating high quality videos, but by going on tours and buying mansions, they are like a new kind of celebrity in Irish culture. There are undoubtedly a huge amount of internationally recognised YouTubers from America and the United Kingdom. But we at The Sharpe think it’s important to support the hard working YouTubers that come from home. With that, we’re going to bring you 10 incredible Irish YouTubers that you need to know about and start following. 1. Melanie Murphy Melanie is a lifestyle YouTuber which means she speaks on topics such as […]

How The New EU Roaming Rules Will Affect You This Summer

By Felipe Wasserstein July 13, 2017 (No)
Last month, the new EU rules of “Roam Like At Home” officially began. But are Irish citizens aware of this, and most importantly, do they know about the new rules? Well, according to a research conducted by bonkers.ie, the answer is no. Approximately 61% of consumers are still unsure how the change will affect their data usage while traveling the EU this summer. Quite honestly, they can’t be blamed as the campaigns regarding this subject have led many people to believe they won’t have to pay for any fees. This isn’t the case at all and we have all of the facts on why the change was brought about, how […]

The Best Free Music Apps

By Dean Fitzgerald February 22, 2017 (No)
Human beings are, by nature, scabby pricks. Everyone loves getting things for free because it’s who we are. So when anyone hears that there are apps that provide things for free, we’re all over it! Human beings also love music, because music gives us a point of release, it can reflect or change our mood, keep us entertained, and it can allow us to express emotions in a way that we feel comfortable. That, and Ed Sheeran. The man is an international treasure and probably great craic on a night out. So a combination of the two is something that we simply can’t resist. Free music apps provide entertainment in […]

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